Xiaomi Mi 11X vs Mi 10T: At Rs 30,000, which Xiaomi smartphone to pick?

Xiaomi Mi 11X vs Mi 10T: At Rs 30,000, which Xiaomi smartphone to pick?

The Xiaomi Mi 11X is currently the most affordable smartphone in India with the Snapdragon 870 chipset. More than just the chipset, the Mi 11X seems to offer a fantastic value on paper as a premium Android smartphone. 120Hz AMOLED display, modern design, big battery, and more – all starting at Rs 29,999. If you have Rs 30,000 to invest on a smartphone, this is likely to not miss your attention. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi TV QLED 75 launches in India with 120Hz QLED display, hands-free Google Assistant

That said, the same amount of Rs 30,000 (almost) will put the Mi 10T on your consideration list. Starting at Rs 32,999, this 2020 Xiaomi flagship hasn’t dropped in value in the last few months. Moreover, its specifications sheet is good enough to make the Mi 11X wonder its worth once. As an Indian smartphone buyer willing to invest in a premium Xiaomi, this makes it confusing. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi 11X, Mi 11X Pro make official entry in India: A look at price, features and more

Hence, we put the Mi 11X and Mi 10T up for a quick on-paper comparison to see which one’s better. Also Read – Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 10, and more phones getting MIUI 12.5: Check out the full list

Xiaomi Mi 11X vs Xiaomi Mi 10T

Xiaomi Mi 11X advantages

Xiaomi Mi 11X series

-The Mi 11X is most importantly a phone from 2020 and that means it is bound to get longer software support over the Mi 10T. Xiaomi could deliver at least two Android OS update and a couple more MIUI updates.

-Starting at a price of Rs 29,999, the Mi 11X is notably more affordable than the Mi 10T. In fact, you can save almost Rs 3,000 with the Mi 11X, which is a good deal given that you are getting the newer phone.

-The 6.67-inch 120Hz AMOLED display should offer great viewing experiences for consumsers. AMOLED displays always have an advantage with colour saturation and brightness levels. You also get Xiaomi’s Always On display feature on the Mi 11X.

-The Snapdragon 870 is technically faster than the Snapdragon 865 on the Mi 10T. Hence, gamers have an advantage on the Mi 11X for its overclocked primary performance core.

-Design is subjective parameter but the Mi 11X gets all the latest design trends from the world of smartphones. The Mi 10T in comparison looks dated and has a heavier build.

Xiaomi Mi 10T advantages

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

-The Mi 10T was updated to Android 11 based on MIUI 12 a few months ago. Hence, if you seek the latest software experience, the Mi 10T offers the same software experience as the Mi 11X.

-The Snapdragon 865 may be technically inferior but real-world performance hardly differ. There’s no game on Android that can exhaust the Snapdragon 865 chip yet. Hence, performance seekers aren’t missing out much with the Mi 10T.

-The 6.67-inch IPS LCD display isn’t as bright and vivid as an AMOLED display but it offers a higher refresh rate of 144Hz. Moreover, it uses an adaptive refresh rate technology that technically offers gains with battery life.  Hence, mobile gamers will enjoy the faster refresh rate that could make for smoother gameplay experiences. Moreover, the colour calibration is suited for professionals.

xiaomi mi 10t pro

-The 64-megapixel Sony IMX682 camera sensor is technically superior to the 48-megapixel IMX582 camera on the Mi 11X. Hence, you can expect better photography performance with the Mi 10T. We are et to test out the Mi 11X for ourselves and hence, keep an eye for the camera verdict.

-The Mi 10T features a bigger 5000mAh battery and that offers longer stamina when compared to the 4520mAh battery on the Mi 11X.

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