Twitter down: Users facing logout issues, failure to load feed and more

Twitter down: Users facing logout issues, failure to load feed and more

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Twitter earlier today faced a major outage, with the company acknowledging the issue and stating that it is working on a fix. Soon after all problems seemed to have been resolved with functionality returning to normal. However, the company is not out of the hot water yet, as its services are once again facing an outage globally. Users across the globe are once again facing multiple issues like the search tool not working, feed not loading and logout errors. Also Read – Twitter is down in India for some users, company says it’s working on a fix

According to the website outage monitor, DownDetector the issues started resurfacing at around 5:18 PM IST. Over 950 reports have been lodged by users for the service not working. 66 percent of the reports are stating to have issues with the website, 19 percent reports state issues with the Android app and 14 percent reports state issues with logging in. Also Read – Twitter Spaces: How to start, join the audio-based Clubhouse alternative

Even though services for the main microblogging service are down, users can still login, tweet, like, comment and more using Twitter’s own TweetDeck service, which is working perfectly fine. Also Read – Twitter Spaces coming soon to desktop: Report

To recall, earlier this morning Twitter suffered a global outage, which it acknowledged by stating “Tweets may not be loading for some of you. We’re working on fixing a problem and you’ll be back on the timeline soon.” After this the issue seemed to be under control with services restored for most. DownDetector at the time received over 71,000 reports from users.

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