Top 10 retro games around the world: Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, Sonic 3D Blast, more

Top 10 retro games around the world: Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, Sonic 3D Blast, more

Video games have been a part of our lives for a long time now, with many game franchises celebrating key milestones in 2021. Some of these franchises include Animal Crossing celebrating 20 years in April and Pokemon celebrating 25 years back in February. Taking this, ManySpins analysed monthly searches for the world’s most memorable video games by each country to find out all of the popular video games in each nation. After analysis, it released a report with the data for the same. Also Read – Top 5 Android games to try during COVID lockdown

The company analysed over 100 retro games and in its report stated that only 18 games out of the 100 were the most popular across the globe. Here we will be taking a look at all of the most popular retro games across the globe, which are celebrating a key milestone (celebrating 20, 25, 30, or 35 years since their initial release) in 2021. Also Read – Top 5 new games for Android: Crash Bandicoot, Arcana Tactics, Queen Rock Tour, and more

Top 10 retro games around the world

According to the report, the most popular retro game in 34 countries is Super Mario 64, which was released back in 1996. It is the most popular in the US. The second spot is shared by Metal Slug and Super Mario World with both having popularity in 19 countries. Metal Slug is most popular in Argentina and Italy, whereas,  Super Mario World is most popular in Peru, Mexico, and Brazil. Also Read – Sony reveals new list of free games under its Play At Home initiative

Coming in at the third position is Pandemonium! with it being popular in 15 countries. It is most popular in the UK.

The fourth position is held by Sonic 3D Blast (10 countries), fifth is Devil May Cry (nine countries), sixth Dragon Quest (seven countries) and in seventh place is Road Rash (six countries).

Battletoads and Duke Nukem share the eighth position with popularity in five countries each. The ninth place was shared by Mario Kart and Tetris Attack, both celebrating 25 year anniversaries. The last position was taken by Bubble Bobble.

Rank Video Game Release Year Number of Countries Most Popular In
1. Super Mario 64 1996 34
=2. Metal Slug 1996 19
=2. Super Mario World 1991 19
3. Pandemonium! 1996 15
4. Sonic 3D Blast 1996 10
5. Devil May Cry 2001 9
6. Dragon Quest 1986 7
7. Road Rash 1991 6
=8. Battletoads 1991 5
=8. Duke Nukem 1991 5
=9. Mario Kart 64 1996 3
=9. Tetris Attack 1996 3
10. Bubble Bobble 1986 2

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Apart from this, the games popular only in one country were F-Zero in Japan, Metroid in Sweden, Tekken 2 in Pakistan, Rolling Thunder in New Zealand and Return to Castle Wolfenstein in the Czech Republic.

Video Game

Release Year

Country Most Popular in

F-Zero 1991 Japan
Metroid 1986 Sweden
Tekken 2 1996 Pakistan
Rolling Thunder 1986 New Zealand
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2001 Czech Republic

The report excluded a few retro games including Sonic the Hedgehog, Civilization, Yoshi, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Crash Bandicoot, Residential Evil, Tomb Raider, Animal Crossing, Black & White, Burnout, Ico, Max Payne and Adventure Island, due to there being no search volume data available for these.

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