SAHNI SPORTS Rubber Training Reaction Ball Small, 7 cm, Set of 6, Multi-Color

SAHNI SPORTS Rubber Training Reaction Ball Small, 7 cm, Set of 6, Multi-Color

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Price: ₹ 910.00 - ₹ 749.00
(as of Nov 14,2020 05:40:06 UTC – Details)


Reaction ball with high-density rubber, rebound speed and angle is relatively large, belonging to the difficult level, different from the cheap made with foam rubber training ball. As the reaction ball has six rounded corners, so throwing to the ground will have a non-directional rebound, which can be a good exercise of the brain’s flexibility and responsiveness. The use of reaction ball is very wide, can be a tool in the training of agile training in sports, but also can be used as the children’s toys, but also as a grip force tools to increase the power of the hand and even can become a tool for training pets and so on.

Agile training balls are suitable for sports athletes agile response training, hand-eye coordination ability, especially suitable for tennis, baseball, badminton, hockey and other sports reaction training.
The reaction training ball is a good gift for the child, in the happy play exercise agile response while allowing children away from the phone and pad, can also be used as a grip ball to exercise the hand strength.
This training ball is a slandered size ball, and it may be possible to replace them directly in sports training, which adds a lot of fun to the sports while training agile response speed.
Number of balls: 6, Small handy size – 2.75” wide; suitable equally for children and adults

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