ADA Leadz Review: First ever ADA website , Auditing and lead generation app.

ADA leadz is the first ever ADA website, Auditing and Lead generation app which allow agencies, local markets and online marketers to generate lead and help business in their local area and (world wide) to solve a real and urgent problem.

ADA compliance now applies to all business websites and every website online is supposed to be complying with the website accessibility guidelines & ADA. If not, it leaves you open for massive lawsuit.

ADA leadz enable you to set-up your own agency that focuses on helping business  stay safe from lawsuits and acquire more customers.

It Perform a website audit for any website online and you can sell that audit report directly. The Audit will show everything a website is lacking in terms of compliance and you can then use this audit to convert prospects into clients.

ADA Leadz allow you to contact Leads directly . It is pre-loaded with done for you ADA Leadz Gen emails that you can send directly to the prospect and it also gives you stunning and customizable reports that you can use  as PDF or you can print them for your customer and prospects.

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ADA Leadz

How ADA Leadz works?
In this section of ADA Leadz review, I am going to show you how ADA Leadz generates laser – Targeted ADA Leadz, Creates stunning website accessibility audit and Monetize your leads.

But, Before you get started, you can always check out all the step-by step training videos 

ADA Leadz 2

STEP #1 (RUN a full ADA  website compliance audit) :

Use ADA Leadz to quickly find prospects (website and pages that are not ADA complaints) in second based on your keyword or offer this service straight to a lead/ client that you have.

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Just click on Prospect finder”  and now you can do a search for leads. now enter your keyword or niche and enter the location( for this review i am searching dentist  in Delhi (India). Then click on “Search prospect”.

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    Plugins To Automatically Share Your WordPress Posts On Social Media

    No matter how good your site or blog might be, it’s very difficult to attract and retain a following without a complementary social media presence. Of course, this adds cost in taking up extra time to make the relevant posts, and it’s also easy to simply forget to update social media accounts. The plugins listed below streamline and automate this process while also adding a number of cool and useful features, and anyone with a WordPress website or blog should definitely consider trying one of them.

    1. Revive Old Post
    If you’ve been blogging for some time, you undoubtedly have a lot of older “evergreen” content that can potentially requires little to no alteration to get it in front of a new audience to whom it would still be relevant. Searching through your archives can be time-consuming, however. Revive Old Post Pro helps to automate the process, automatically sharing old posts to your various social network accounts.

    Social Media

    The base version is free, but there are three paid upgrades available for a one-time payment. The “personal” upgrade is usable with one site or blog and adds the ability to filter by category, shorten URLs automatically and generate hashtags based on tags. The “business” upgrade further adds the ability to schedule posts in advance and grants a license for three different sites. The “marketer” package allows unlimited use across as many sites as you would like.

    It is a great plugin and comes with features other plugins do not have but it will cost you more.

    2. AccessPress Social AutoPost

    This plugin does not have a free version and requires a one-time payment to obtain, but it also allows the user to link up with an unlimited amount of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Linkedin accounts. Other social media account types are not supported, but the one-time fee of $20 asked here is lower than most plugins of this nature. It is also very reasonably rated on CodeCanyon scoring 4.38 out of 5, and has been purchased 782 times which is a good sign.

    I will be surprised if authors don’t increase the price in upcoming months, so I’d purchase it sooner if the price is an important factor to you. For the price of $20 you’ll get support for 6 months, so very low risk to go wrong if you ask me.

    3. Social Auto Poster

    Social Media

    Social Auto Poster requires a one-time payment of $34, but this payment gets you unlimited connectivity with Facebook and Twitter accounts and the ability to connect one account each from LinkedIn, Tumblr, Delicious, FriendFeed and Buffer. It’s a fairly basic automated post creator, but does offer the ability to create social media posts from previously published entries, which not all of these plugins offer.

    This Plugin is more popular than ”AccessPress Social Auto Post” but does cost a tiny bit more. Obviously it’s a case of figuring out whether you need Social Auto Poster extras or not.

    4. CoSchedule

    Social Media

    CoSchedule is an all-in-one calendar that lets you take care of both social media and blog posts from one simple interface. Of course, you can cross-post as well. Rescheduling a post is easy with a convenient drag-and-drop feature, and there’s also a team management element for multiple users.

    The paid versions simply add support for extra team members and extra social networks. The free version has all the basic functionality, but limits you to integration with only five different accounts.

    Post Update: The free version os no longer available but you can Try CoSchedule FREE For 14 Days!

    5. HYPESocial Buffer

    Social Media

    This is a feature-rich panel that integrates with WordPress and lets you manage both your site/blog and all your various social media accounts from one interface. Added functionality includes custom scheduling and automated URL shortening.

    The paid “personal” license is good for one year and one site. The “small business” license adds support for two more sites, and the “agency” license opens it up to an unlimited number of sites.

    6. Jetpack

    Social Media

    Jetpack offers a suite of WordPress enhancement features, like improved statistics tracking and a revamped comments system. In terms of sharing to social media, the “Publicize” feature is the one you want to look at. This is a fairly standard post-to-post conversion tool, but has the benefit of extreme simplicity and accessibility. If you need to post to an API service like Pinterest or Google+, however, you’ll need to look at other plugins as that functionality is simply not available here.

    7. Juicer

    Social Media

    Juicer is more of a public-facing social media organizer, automatically sorting all the posts from the attached social media accounts chronologically. The free version has full functionality, but requires you to display a Juicer watermark publicly and limits the feed to one update per hour. The paid version removes the watermark and updates every 10 minutes.

    8. MailChimp Social

    Social Media

    MailChimp Social is a solid free plugin for those who are only looking to share to Facebook and Twitter. It actually goes a step beyond most plugins in that it also automatically converts Facebook and Twitter comments back to your original post, and you can even use multiple accounts. The only big limitation here is that it doesn’t integrate with any other social media services.

    There is a premium version available that adds multiple AJAX forms, eCommerce 360 integration, email notifications, added options for styling forms and detailed statistics.

    9. MicroBlog Poster

    Social Media

    MicroBlog Poster links up with nearly every type of social media account. What’s even better is that you can connect multiple accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. It’s also possible to schedule social media posts about content that has already been published. The very best part, however, is that it’s totally free!

    10. NextScripts Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP)

    Social Media

    SNAP allows for automated posting to just about all of the major social networks, and some of the more minor ones too. Not only that, it integrates with other blogging platforms (like Blogger and Tumblr) for added functionality or cross-posting between sites. Facebook comments can even be automatically imported as WordPress comments!

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    The lone downside is that only platforms that don’t require an API Library setup are supported by the free version. If you want to integrate with Google+ or Pinterest, you’ll have to pay a yearly fee for the “Pro” version.

    11. OnlyWire

    Social Media

    OnlyWire integrates with your site’s RSS feed to automatically convert these entries to social media posts with the attached accounts. The free version of the plugin supports only four social media accounts, however; you’ll have to pay a small monthly fee to add support for 50 social media accounts and three different RSS feeds.

    12. Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

    Social Media

    This is almost a required plugin for those who regularly pin lots of images from their posts on Pinterest. When a post is published, all of the images are automatically pinned to your Pinterest account.

    The downside is that there is no free version. The paid version is only a one-time payment of $16, however. It includes the ability to pin unlimited images, pin from both featured images and thumbnails, delay or schedule pins, and integrate with WooCommerce.

    Read More:- Best WordPress Search Plugins (2020): See The detail here

    13. WordPress to Buffer

    Social Media

    This plugin is exclusively for WordPress users who also have a Buffer account (an app that schedules social media posts for multiple accounts). WP to Buffer basically just automates the process of pushing a newly published post to the Buffer account. Most social media networks are supported with the basic free version, but if you want to publish to Pinterest you’ll have to upgrade to the paid “Pro” version.

    14. WP to Twitter

    Social Media

    As the name indicates, this plugin is aimed at those who post to WordPress and then attach a notification about the new post to their Twitter account. This plugin simply automates the process, sending out a customizable Tweet automatically that links to the new post as soon as it is published.

    The free version automatically converts post tags to hashtags, shortens URLs and has support for Google Analytics. The paid Pro version adds the ability to delay or schedule Tweets, attach images to them automatically and schedule Tweets for posts that have already been published.

    15. Social Media Auto Publish

    This plugin is about the most basic means available of automatically generating a social media post when a WordPress post is published. It’s rudimentary, but it’s also completely free and supports filtering shares by post or category type.

    Buy YouTube Views Buy Real & Fast YouTube Views


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    We provide a completely anonymous and discreet service that helps you gain real exposure and encourages viewers to like and comment. Your information is kept confidential and will never be shared with third-parties. # Youtube

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    35+ YouTube Tools For Creators Must Read

    YouTube is huge! It is the second largest search engine and a good source of revenue for more than 20 million YouTubers.

    YouTube makes around $15 billion a year but does not keep it all to itself. YouTube offers a 45/55 split which means that Google keeps 45 percent of YouTube advertising revenue, and content creators get the remaining 55 percent which is a whopping $8.25 billion.

    This makes it completely reasonable to invest in YouTube and want to improve your search results so that you can earn more.

    This is why you need us!

    In this article, we will help you find all tools that you will need for your YouTube channel and that will help you boost your traffic, earnings, video quality, audio quality, and more.

    Let’s just dive into it!

    Best YouTube Marketing Tools:

    Marketing tools will help you get more natural traffic to your YouTube channel.

    • Tubebuddy: A great tool for easily managing, optimizing, and growing your YouTube channel. Tubebuddy offers advanced analytics and data, rank tracking capabilities, and bulk processing features which makes it the overall best marketing tool for YouTube.
    • Vidiq: You can use this tool to delve into your competitor’s data and find out what tags are they using. Vidiq also has a strong set of YouTube SEO features that helps create SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.
    • Keyword Tool: Use this tool to generate highly relevant long-tail keywords about a particular topic.
    • Agorapulse: Agorapulse allows users to monitor their accounts, detect nasty trolls, and manage their YouTube comments so that they can read and reply to all comments and never miss an important conversation.
    • Vidooly: It is an Online Video analytics tool that provides insights & measurements such as rankings, audience insights, brand safety score, audience overlap, and more for YouTube videos.
    • Headliner: Use this tool to easily create videos to promote your podcast, radio show, or blog.
    • SocialBlade: SocialBlade is a popular stats tracking that is used by most professional YouTubers.
    • BuzzSumo: Helps you find more relevant ideas for your audience. It can also be used to find what is trending on YouTube.
    • YouTube Studio: YouTube Studio is the free tool that offers marketing and analytic toolkit.

    YouTube Thumbnail Tools:

    Thumbnail is your video in a nutshell, and it is as important as your video content. The better the thumbnail the more views your video will get. Here are a few YouTube tools that would let you create thumbnails:

    • Canva: Use this to create stunning thumbnails for your videos with its professionally designed templates. Its drag and drop interface allows even newbies to create awesome thumbnails.
    • Fotor: Fotor provides rich and varied YouTube thumbnail templates with an exact YouTube thumbnail size.
    • Tubebuddy: Yes, this is the overall best YouTube marketing tool. But apart from that, it can also create thumbnails. You can use one of its pre-made templates or pick a frame from the video and edit it.

    Music and Videos for YouTube:

    • AudioMicro: This is a Premium Beat Music Library. Use it to purchase and download royalty-free music, cartoons, celebrity pictures, and sound effects from popular movies like Star Trek and Apocalypse Now.
    • PremiumBeat: PremiumBeat is a curated royalty-free music website that provides high-quality royalty-free music tracks and sound effects. It offers thousands of handpicked tracks in more than 30 music styles.
    • YouTube Studio Audio Library: In case you haven’t already heard about this, then YouTube Studio also has a collection of free to use music and sound effects.
    • NoCopyrightSounds: This is a YouTube channel with a collection of No Copyright music.

    YouTube Live Streaming Tools:

    • Ecamm: The all-in-one live streaming production platform for Mac. Use Ecamm Live to create professional live stream broadcasts quickly & easily.
    • OBS: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming which works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    • Restream: A software to live stream on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and 30+ streaming sites at once. If you are planning multi-streaming, then Restream can solve your problem.
    • StreamYard: Using this, you can stream to all major social platforms simultaneously directly from your browser. Add its extension and stream live anywhere, anytime.
    • OneStream is a cloud-based solution to go LIVE. Use this to Stream Live real-time or prerecorded scheduled Live Streams to your YouTube Live.

    Youtube Screencast Tools:

    • Camtasia: Use Camtasia to easily capture screenshots from your videos. This tool is also a powerful screen saver.
    • Loom: Loom just like Camtasia is a screen recorder that also captures screenshots. You can use this tool on Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS.

    YouTube Video Editing Tools:

    1. Camtasia: Camtasia is feature-rich and one of the best video editing softwares out there. Camtasia is also a perfect screen recorder, this is why many professional YouTubers use it to create tutorials.
    2. Wondershare Filmora: Filmora is a beginner-friendly modern video editing software. Its clear interface, wide range of features, and reasonable price make it the best option for everyone especially newbies.
    3. Final Cut Pro X: For Mac users who want the most feature-rich and advanced video editing software, Final Cut Pro X is recommended.
    4. Adobe Premiere Pro: This is the most perfect video editing software for both Windows and Mac. Premiere Pro comes with the most advanced features that can’t be seen anywhere else.

    YouTube Caption Tool:

    • Rev: is a group of service providers for audio transcription, video captioning, and subtitling. Rev has the largest network of professional transcriptionists in the U.S with most of them native English-speaking.

    SEM Tools For YouTube:

    • Ahrefs: This powerful tool can help you find more keyword ideas related to your seed keyword, how many people search for a query on YouTube every month, and also how many of those searches result in clicks.
    • AccuRanker: This is a popular YouTube channel rank tracking tool. AccuRanker fetches all your videos so that you can monitor your video performance in YouTube search results, as well as Google, Bing, and Yandex.

      Read More:- 35+ YouTube Tools For Creators in 2021

    • TubeBuddy: Apart from being the best marketing tool for YouTube, TubeBuddy also offers Keyword Explorer and Search Rank Tracking, which will help you find more ideas and rank better in YouTube search results.
    • Google Trends: Google Trends is well-known popularity showing website. But what most people don’t know is that we can also use it for YouTube. You can choose YouTube Search in your Google Trends and use it for free to find more ideas for your YouTube channel.

    Misc, Other YouTube Tools:

    • Teespring: Teespring is an e-commerce platform that allows people to create and sell custom clothing. Recently, Teespring has officially integrated with YouTube which means that you can have your merchandise appear beneath your YouTube videos. I have been using this same platform to offer merchandising on my YouTube channel.
    • Use this to shorten your ugly and long affiliate links to more beautiful and short links for use in your YouTube description.
    • Rebrandly: Rebrandly is a powerful link management platform for branding, tracking, and sharing short URLs using a custom domain name. Use this to create cool, descriptive links using a custom branded domain name.
    • YouTube Creator Academy: YouTube Creator Academy is a set of online courses to help new YouTubers create better videos and improve channel performance. Make sure to go through it!
    • Freedom is an MCN (multi-channel networks) that provide assistance in various areas, such as products, programming, financing, promotion, monetization, and more. In return for these services, you will have to pay 40% of your YouTube channel revenue to them.

    YouTube Gadgets:

    • Sony A7 III: It’s a highly versatile and feature-packed full-frame camera that comes at a reasonable price. These features make it a suitable recommendation for all YouTubers. Use this to film high-quality videos for your YouTube channel.
    • Joby Gorillapod: GorillaPod is a super-versatile, compact, and flexible tripod. They are designed to be used for both cameras and smartphones. Their tripods are available in sizes to fit small point & shoot cameras up to professional DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.
    • Rode SmartLav+: These are professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of film, television, and broadcast scenarios. Using modern techniques, SmartLav picks up sound equally from all around the microphone.
    • Blue Yeti USV Mic: Yeti is the most advanced and versatile multi-pattern USB microphone. Use them to capture anything with a clarity and ease unheard of in a USB microphone.
    • DJI Osmo Pocket II: These are the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera out there. The camera mainly focuses to help you look much more skillful with a camera than you actually are

      These were the most important YouTube Tools that every creator should know about. Now, tell us which of the above tools have you used? And, how do you recommend it?

    Also, if you think we have missed an important YouTube tool, then remind us in the comments below.

    Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

    7 Reliable Video Editing Software For YouTube (Free & Paid)

    Thanks to modern-day video editing softwares, now, everyone can create and edit videos from the comfort of their home. The job has never been easier, however, the choice has never been harder.

    Yeah! Choosing the right video editing software for YouTube is not easy these days. There are a number of choices with each claiming to be the best. But don’t worry, we are here to help.

    In the process of choosing a video editing software for YouTube, you should definitely take these points into account:

    • Editing Tools: The software should offer complete and advanced video editing features.
    • User Friendly (Learning Curve): The software should be easy to learn and work with.
    • Documentation: The software should have tutorials available online.
    • Price: The cheaper the better.

    Agree? I know you do.

    Now, let’s go through some of the most popular video editing softwares and see which one covers your needs.

    Note: If you need a quick word jump to Summary, however, it is highly recommended to read the whole article.

    1. Camtasia – Free Trial

    Image Credit:

    Camtasia is a video editor and screen recorder which can operate on both Windows and macOS. The software is equally useful for newbies and professionals. It has a clean and user-friendly interface that will help users enjoy their time with it.

    Worth mentioning, Camtasia is one of the most powerful screen recorders. It records high-quality videos and doesn’t have any time limitations for recording.

    There is also a complete Camtasia Tutorials available on which will help you quickly learn its basics and beyond. Also check out Camtasia alternatives.

    In short, you can use Camtasia to first create a video by recording your screen, then, splice in other video clips, images, and music into it and finally export it.

    Camtasia Pricing

    The software offers some discount for buying more than 4 licenses, but in general, the price will be like this:

    • Single user license: $249 (One-time fee)
    • Maintenance (Optional): $49.75 (Annual fee)

    The Maintenance includes a dedicated phone queue, exclusive training, and the next version of the software.

    The software also has a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” which means it either satisfies you or pays you back.

    2. Wondershare Filmora – Try For Free

    Image Credit:

    Wondershare Filmora is a freemium video editing software primarily aimed at beginners. It comes with over 140 filters and over-effects that can do real magic to your videos.

    The software operates on both Windows and Mac. It offers the main functions of video editing software like trimming, transitions, overlays, and more. However, it lacks some advanced features like motion tracking and Multicam.

    When you first set up Filmora you will have 4 modes to choose from: Action Cam, Full Feature, Instant Cutter, and Easy Mode. You can choose the mode which best accords with your needs.

    Filmora features Pan and Zoom, Audio Mixer, and Video Stabilization that are extremely useful for any YouTube video maker. Its Green Screen feature will also come in handy to YouTubers.

    Not to forget, the free version offers a good range of features but it exports videos with Filmora watermark on it, and to remove the watermark you need to upgrade to the pro version.

    Wondershare Filmora Pricing

    Windows Version Pricing

    • Lifetime Plan $69.99 (One-Time Fee)
    • Annual Plan $39.99/Year (Automatically renew, cancel any time)
    • Annual Bundle Plan $99.87/Year (Automatically renew, cancel any time)

    All bundles offer: Support, all features, and free updates. However, the Annual Bundle Plan offers two more features: Unlimited Downloads from the Filmstock Standard Library, and New effects every month.

    Mac Version Pricing

    • Lifetime Plan $69.99 (One-Time Fee)
    • Annual Plan $44.99/Year (Automatically renew, cancel any time)
    • Annual Bundle Plan $104.87/Year (Automatically renew, cancel any time)

    Again the Annual Bundle Plan for Mac offers the two more features that the Windows Bundle offers.

    3. Apple iMovie

    iMovie is a video editing software by Apple that operates on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices. The software is free, simple, and easy-to-use but at the same time of high quality, you can produce 4K resolution movies using it.

    It features the standard tools of a video editing software but is not very good with advanced options. However, since it comes for no cost, any Mac user should give it a try.

    One good thing about iMovie is that you can start editing a video on your iPhone then continue it on your iPad or any other OS system.

    iMovie Pricing

    iMovie is Free for Apple devices.

    4. Final Cut Pro X

    Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s professional-level video editing software that operates only on Mac. The software is well known for its advanced and sophisticated features that can satisfy any video editor.

    Besides the AI-driven tools that Final Cut Pro X offers, it also features modern machine learning tools that automatically transforms your widescreen project into custom sizes for social media.

    Its user interface is extremely smooth which will make everyone get creative with their video editing. It is able to produce both 2D and 3D videos at a blazing fast speed.

    Some of Final Cut Pro X’s advanced features are: Multicam, Smart Conform, Key Burns Effect, and Flow Dissolve, which will do magic to your videos.

    In short, if you are a Mac user who thinks iMovie is not enough for your work, then grab Final Cut Pro X.

    Final Cut Pro X Pricing

    • Single License: $299.99/Year

    5. Adobe Premiere Pro

    Here comes the Master!

    While searching for an all-in-one perfect video editing software, you will surely reach to Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editor developed by the great Adobe Systems. It has rich video editing tools, such as the Slip Tool, Rolling Edit Tool, and Ripple Edit.

    The software operates on both Windows and Mac and provides a user-friendly interface. Its responsive interface helps reach maximum performance.

    It can be a little head-scratching for beginners to work with it, but good thing is, there are an infinite amount of tutorials for it.

    Some features like Multiple Sequence Support, Multi-Camera Editing, Time Remapping, Color Correction Tools, and Audio Mixer Interface makes it a good choice for YouTubers.

    In fact, Premiere Pro is quite popular among YouTubers, more than 50% of the biggest YouTubers use it for editing their videos.

    Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing

    The software doesn’t offer a lifetime pricing, this is why it is considered a little pricey.

    • Annual plan, paid monthly – US$20.99/mo
    • Annual plan, prepaid – US$239.88/yr
    • Monthly plan – US$31.49/mo

    6. Lightworks

    Image Credit:

    Lightworks is a non-linear video editing software that operates on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems. The software also has a free version which is considered the most powerful free video editing software.

    Lightworks is a big name in the film editing industry. It has been used to edit some of the finest films in history including The Wolf of Wall Street. But apart from that, the software is suitable to make videos for YouTube and social media.

    Its interface can be a little intimidating because of the professional toolkit it offers, but it just takes some time to get used to it.

    Some of its main features are: Easy timeline editing & trimming, Drag-And-Drop Interface, Rendering Effects, Boris FX Plug-Ins, and Export video for YouTube/Vimeo, SD/HD, up to 4K.

    Lightworks Pricing

    The software offers the most powerful free video editor, so, make sure to give it a try. But the pro version has the following price option:

    • Single License – $24.99/month

    7. VivaVideo – Free Video Editor (Mobile)

    VivaVideo is a freemium video editor with all video editing features: cut video, trim video, crop video, merge video, edit video with music, edit video for youtube, add stickers to video, add text to video, and more.

    But it is not limited to this, VivaVideo is also a social platform that lets users create, edit, and publish their videos. Users can select themes, use stickers, text, and music in their videos.

    It has an intuitive elegant interface that makes working with it fun. Not to forget, it operates on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

    It is well popular too, it has more than 100 Million downloads just on Android, so, there is a great chance you have already heard about it.

    VivaVideo Pricing

    The free version offers a good amount of features but in upgrading to the pro version you will get:

    • Removes watermarks
    • No ads
    • Video adjustment
    • Animated texts and more

    Before upgrading you will be offered a 3-day free trial to check how the pro version feels. Then you will have to pay $2.60 (£2.04) per month.

    Download VivaVideo for Android || Download for iOS

    Summary: Best Video Editing Apps

    There are a lot of good video editing software out there, but important thing is that you find the one that best covers your needs. Check out below:

    • If you want to create professional tutorial videos, Camtasia is the best option.
    • For beginners who want cheap, easy-to-use, and feature-rich video editing software, Filmora is recommended.
    • iMovie is best for Apple users who want to create not so professional videos for free.
    • If you are a Mac user who wants the most feature-rich and advanced video editing software for Mac, then your options are Final Cut Pro X.
    • If you are serious about video editing and thereby want the most perfect software for both Windows and Mac, then Premiere Pro is your choice.
    • If you are looking for the best film editing software, grab LightWorks.
    • If you want to create videos quickly using prebuilt themes, songs, videos, and effects, then VivaVideo should do it for you.
    • If you are looking for the best online, cloud-based video editing software, then you are looking for WeVideo.

    Don’t forget to share your ideas and experiences with video editing softwares with us, use the comments below.

    Way to Personalized Display Custom Content to Different Users on WordPress website

    As a website owner, there are quite a number of reasons why you might want to show custom content to different users on your site. In some cases, many entrepreneurs choose to run different sites on different subdomains to cater to this need. While this may be the common option, WordPress users can use an even simpler approach.

    The default way of creating custom content on WordPress is to restrict user access to certain pages or posts by adding a password. However, there are cases when you may want to display different versions of your website to different users based on certain criteria.

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    Though WordPress doesn’t offer that functionality out of the box, there are third-party tools and plugins that can help you with that. This is one of the numerous reasons why many of us like WordPress. You get so much control over your website and its content.

    In this article, I’m going to show you three interesting methods of displaying custom content to different users on your WordPress site. But before we get to that, let’s consider why you may want to do that. Let’s dive into it!


    Why You Might Want to Display Custom Content on Your Site

    By default, WordPress automatically makes every content you add to your site available to all your site visitors. If you want some other visibility options, the platform also lets you either make the content private or password-protected.

    While these options are useful in a large number of cases, there are times when you need more flexibility. For example, if you work in a management role in an educational setting, you may want to restrict learning materials to different categories of students.

    Read More:- Best WordPress Search Plugins (2020): See The detail here

    In a different case scenario, shoppers on an online store will be more than delighted to have a personalized shopping experience when they visit your website. With the right website personalization tools, you can easily recommend certain products and benefits to your site users based on user behavior.

    This will not only help them shop faster but also increase your conversion rate and customer loyalty significantly. Depending on your niche and the purpose of your website, there are several ways custom content can help you achieve your goals.

    The usual approach WordPress users would take to achieve this is to create a membership site and restrict the content type available based on user roles. No doubt, this strategy can prove useful in a lot of ways.

    In general, membership sites can help you develop a strong sense of community among your site users and increase your site’s engagement levels. But, it may be difficult in certain cases to convince some users to go through the registration process.

    In such cases, there are smart conditions you can set in order to display custom content to different users without requiring membership. You can customize content based on location, past user behavior, traffic referrer source, etc.

    Let’s take a look at the different methods of achieving this!

    Method 1: Password Protect Your Pages or Posts

    By default, WordPress offers some solid visibility options that you can use to regulate access to content on your site. Though the approach may not be ideal, it’s the best native alternative WordPress has to offer.

    By simply changing certain document settings, you can password protect your pages or posts. This way, only site visitors with a password can view them.

    If you want to create a new page or edit an existing one, navigate to the Pages tab in your WordPress dashboard. 

    Here, you can create a new page by clicking on the Add New button. Otherwise, click on Edit below the page you want to password-protect.

    Once you’re done editing your page, navigate to Settings » Document » Visibility.

    As earlier mentioned, the visibility setting of every WordPress page is set to ‘Public’ by default. To change this, click on Public and change the setting to Password Protected.

    After that, you need to type in a secure password that other users can use to gain access to the page. You can see what your page now looks like to a site visitor by clicking on the Preview button.

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    You can also use this method to password protect your WordPress posts. However, this method is very similar to creating a membership site. Site users will still need to contact you or site administrators for a password. This is not necessarily ideal.

    The second method I’ll be showing you is significantly more flexible. Using this method, you can show entirely different content or variations of the same content to your users.

    Method 2: Use a WordPress Plugin

    To display completely customized content to different users on your site, you’ll need a WordPress plugin. There are a couple of powerful content control plugins I’ve seen in the WordPress repository. Some of the popular options include Content Control, Restrict Content, Member Press, WP Private Content Plus, etc.

    However, the majority of these plugins seem to be focused on limiting content access based on user roles and profiles. After an extensive search, I was finally able to find something with the functionality I needed: If-So Dynamic Content.

    In essence, If-So Dynamic Content allows you to customize your site’s content based on how visitors interact with your site. You can set custom content according to a wide range of conditions too. Some of them include geolocation, device type, user IP, etc.

    Probably my favorite part of the plugin is that it also supports WooCommerce. So, if you’re an online store owner, you surely want to try it out. Likewise, it integrates well with other powerful tools such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. You’ll need a paid license to access these features though.

    Okay, now, let me show you how to display custom content with this plugin.

    How to Use the If-So Dynamic Content Plugin

    The If-So Dynamic Content plugin creates custom content in WordPress using ‘triggers’. These triggers rely on preset conditions. In In essence, here are the four steps involved in creating personalized content with the plugin.

    • Select a condition from a list.
    • Assign the content to be displayed if the condition is met.
    • Assign another item if the condition isn’t met. (This step is optional)
    • Copy the shortcode and paste it on the corresponding web page.

    Hence, once a site user loads that page, the content displayed will depend on whether the set condition is met or not.

    Now, let’s see how that works in practice.

    To use the plugin, you have to first install and activate it in the WordPress plugin repository.

    Once the plugin is activated, a new tab is added to your WordPress dashboard. Here you can add a new trigger by clicking on Add New.

    After creating a new trigger, you can add a title and select a condition from the available ones.

    Now, you can create the content you want to display in the field on the right. Unfortunately, the plugin still uses the old Classic Editor. Hopefully, they’d update to Gutenberg in the near future. Similarly, you can create as many variations of the same site as you want.

    Once you’re done setting the conditions and creating your content variations, it’s time to get the needed short code. To do this, you need to first publish the trigger.

    All done! You can now display custom content to your WordPress site visitors by simply pasting the short code on the page or post.

    If you want to gain even more control over the content customization capabilities of your WordPress site, you may want to consider an optimization tool. One of my favorite conversion tools out there is OptinMonster.

    The tool uses arguably the widest range of rules to display custom content on your site. If you’re looking for more user targeting functionality than what If-So has to offer, this may be the stuff for you. Also, because it’s more of a universal tool, it integrates well with other third-party apps.

    The major downside to this method is that OptinMonster is a paid tool. You’ll need the Pro plan at least to gain access to all the targeting features. This will set you back $29/month when billed annually.

    To get started, you need to first register an OptinMonster account. Once your account is set up, return to your WordPress dashboard and install the OptinMonster plugin.

    Next, you need to navigate to the newly added OptinMonster tab and connect the account you just registered.

    Click on Connect Your Account to do this. With your account connected, you now need to follow these steps to display custom content on your site.

    Create a New Campaign and Design the Content You Want to Display

    Now that you’re all set up, you need to create a new campaign. One of the reasons I like OptinMonster is the different campaign/content types available. In other words, you’re not limited to the usual WordPress post and page templates.

    Your campaign can be a pop up, floating bar, fullscreen page, etc. Typically, if you want to display custom content within a page or post, you want to select the Inline campaign type. After choosing the campaign type, select the template that suits your needs. Bear in mind that the templates at your disposal depend on the campaign type you’ve chosen.

    Next, enter the name of your new campaign and the site where you want the content to be displayed. You can connect multiple websites to your OptinMonster account.

    Now, click Start Building and the plugin will redirect you to the campaign builder.

    The interface is quite intuitive. It’s basically a drag and drop tool that relies on editing blocks to create content. The flexibility here is rather ample. You can add a coupon code, feature intelligent product recommendations, and integrate with popular email marketing services. Just about anything you want for most website types!

    Set up Display Rules for Your Campaign

    Now to probably the most important step in this entire procedure!

    Here’s where you get to decide what triggers the custom content you want to display. And OptinMonster offers quite a bunch here! To define the display rules, you simply need to toggle to the next tab in the top menu bar.

    There are a whole lot of conditions to choose from. You can either set time-based triggers or target users based on certain criteria such as geolocation, browser cookies, landing page, etc. Likewise, you can customize content based on user behaviors such as the number of pages viewed or selected campaigns converted, etc.

    Online store owners will find the fourth display rule category very helpful – Ecommerce. I believe at least one of these rules should cater to your content personalization needs.

    Once you’ve set all the conditions for your campaign, click Next Step. On the next screen, you can choose your campaign view.

    After this, you’ll see a summary of all the conditions you’ve set. Save your changes and get ready to publish your custom content.

    Publish Your Custom Content

    Finally, you can now publish your content on your site by navigating to the Publish tab. Toggle the Status button to Live and your campaign is up and running.

    Next, navigate to OptinMonster >> Campaigns in your WordPress dashboard and simply click Go Live beneath the campaign you want to publish.

    Now that your campaign is live, you can test it by going to your site and matching the set campaign conditions.

    Conclusion: dynamic content & WordPress

    It’s always an interesting idea to display custom content on your website. Personalized content can help you maximize your site’s engagement or simply regulate the content accessible by each user.

    Here are some of the methods you can display custom content on your WordPress site:

    1. Password protect your pages or posts.
    2. Use the If-So Dynamic Content plugin.
    3. Use a conversion optimization tool like OptinMonster.

    Let me know if this article helped you to add custom content to your WordPress website. If you encountered any problem in the process, kindly share them in the comments section below!

    Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress Solutions: Must Read

    Over the past few years, cloud hosting has rapidly grown in popularity for a reason – it offers excellent performance and scalability, while still often being cheaper than more traditional hosting products.

    While cloud hosting is undeniably a little more complex than beginner-friendly shared hosts like Bluehost or A2hosting, it’s still definitely something that non-technical users can handle, and the performance benefits and cost savings are usually worth the extra learning curve.

    In this post, I’ve collected some of the best cloud hosting providers for WordPress. These providers let you harness the power of cloud hosting services such as Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc. Not only do they make it possible for non-technical WordPress users to use cloud hosting, they’ll also still give you useful WordPress tools, such as staging sites and backups. 

    Cloud Hosting
    Cloud Hosting

    Cloud Hosting vs WordPress Hosting on Cloud Infrastructure

    When talking about cloud WordPress hosting, it can be a little confusing as to what “cloud WordPress hosting” actually is.

    For example, does a managed WordPress host like Kinsta that uses Google Cloud infrastructure count as “cloud hosting”?

    You could make an argument that it does, but I’m not going to treat these hosts as cloud hosting because you’re not directly interacting with the cloud hosting.

    For example, in early 2020, SiteGround moved all of its hosting plans to Google Cloud infrastructure…but SiteGround’s cheap shared plans are still shared hosting – they just use cloud infrastructure to power those shared resources.

    Basically, while these providers do use cloud hosting in their products, you don’t really see the difference as an end-user.

    Instead, I’m going to define cloud WordPress hosting as hosting where you actually interact directly with the cloud layer.

    For example, it might be hosting like Cloudways where you get a cloud VPS with dedicated resources or it could be something like Closte where you’re only billed on the exact resources that your site needs. Or, it might even be a WordPress hosting control panel that makes it easy to use your own “bare metal” cloud VPS from providers like DigitalOcean, Vultr, or Linode.

    The advantages of going “directly” to the cloud like this are that:

    • Your site will usually load faster.
    • You can usually save a good bit of money vs managed WordPress hosting.
    • There are no arbitrary limits. For example, there are no “visit” limits like you get with managed WordPress hosting.
    • You can more easily “scale” your site as it grows. Instead of needing to change plans, you can just add more resources as needed.
    • If you’re an advanced user, you’ll have more flexibility.

    However, the disadvantages are that this approach is a little more technical and less beginner-friendly. You definitely don’t need to be a developer. However, if you’re a total beginner, I would recommend staying with providers like Bluehost or A2hosting.

    Six Best Cloud WordPress Hosting Providers

    1. Cloudways

    Cloudways is probably the most popular option for cloud WordPress hosting. Rather than providing its own hosting infrastructure, Cloudways is a managed tool that lets you choose your own cloud hosting from the following cloud services:

    • DigitalOcean
    • Vultr
    • Linode
    • Google Cloud
    • AWS

    Once you choose your resources, Cloudways handles setting everything up for WordPress and also gives you useful tools such as staging sites, automatic backups, security, etc.

    One key thing to understand is that you don’t get root access to the servers, though you do still get a good amount of flexibility. This is different from some other similar tools on this list.

    Pricing depends on the resources and cloud provider you choose. In general, Cloudways charges about double what the cloud hosting itself would cost (this is what you pay for the service and support). For example, a $5 DigitalOcean droplet would cost $10 through Cloudways.

    This makes Cloudways very cheap for a single small server. But if you have “large” servers or multiple servers, there are more affordable options on this list.

    2. Closte

    Closte is probably the most interesting cloud hosting option because of how it handles billing. Instead of paying a flat fee per month for a certain amount of resources (e.g. 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM), you’ll pay based on the exact resources your site uses – down to the CPU HPI and memory MPI:

    The advantage of this approach is that it’s 100% fair – low-resource sites will be very cheap, while high-resource sites will pay more, but only equal to their usage. It also means that your traffic can easily spike without the danger of hitting your limits (because there are no limits – you’ll just pay extra based on what your site used for the spike).

    However, the disadvantage is that, especially if you’re a beginner, it can be hard to estimate how much your hosting will cost per site. However, the average monthly charge for a website with up to 25,000 unique visitors is $12, which should give you a rough idea of what you should expect to pay. Very small sites could be $5 or under per site.

    As for the hosting itself, Closte exclusively uses Google Cloud Platform for its infrastructure and LiteSpeed server for its web server. You’ll also get useful tools such as WordPress staging sites, backups, and more.

    3. RunCloud

    RunCloud is a web hosting control panel for any PHP application, including WordPress. It’s a lot like Cloudways in its approach – that is, you can manage everything from the server control panel, while choosing your own “naked” cloud hosting provider.

    Two key differences between RunCloud vs Cloudways are that:

    • You can choose any cloud hosting provider (as long as it uses Linux). That means you can use all the providers that Cloudways offers, plus other options such as UpCloud.
    • You still get root access to your server, which advanced users might prefer.

    While RunCloud works for any PHP application, it still includes WordPress-specific features such as easy staging sites, firewalls, one-click installs, one-click SSL certificates, backups, and more.

    With RunCloud, you’ll pay one fee to use the RunCloud hosting control panel. Then, you’ll also need to pay the cloud infrastructure provider directly (e.g. DigitalOcean or Vultr). Cloudways is cheaper than RunCloud for a single small server, but RunCloud is usually cheaper for multiple servers or high-resource servers.

    RunCloud itself costs $8 per month to manage a single server or $15 per month to manage unlimited servers.

    4. GridPane

    GridPane is another popular option that uses the same approach as RunCloud – it’s a server control panel that you can connect to any cloud hosting provider to easily host WordPress sites – no tech knowledge needed.

    However, unlike RunCloud, GridPane is 100%-focused on WordPress, which lets it optimize its entire stack for WordPress sites. Specifically, GridPane uses an Nginx-stack that makes your site load really quickly.

    It also still gives you useful features such as WordPress staging sites, backups, firewalls, and more. 

    The one downside is that GridPane’s pricing makes it pretty expensive if you only need to host a single server – the cheapest plan is $30 per month for GridPane itself, which allows for unlimited cloud servers. As with RunCloud, you’ll also need to pay the cloud hosting provider directly.

    Overall, GridPane is a good option for agencies or people building client sites that will need multiple cloud servers, while RunCloud probably makes a better option for individual users just looking to host a few sites because it’s more affordable.

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    5. SiteGround

    While most people know SiteGround for its cheap shared plans, SiteGround also offers more expensive cloud VPS hosting that gives you easier scaling and dedicated resources.

    As with the shared plans, SiteGround’s cloud hosting is powered by Google Cloud. However, the key difference is that you’re getting dedicated resources, as well as all the features from SiteGround’s shared plans like staging sites, server-level caching, and more.

    SiteGround’s cloud hosting plans start at $80 per month for 3 CPU cores, 6 GB memory, and 40 GB storage. 

    This is a little bit expensive compared to other cloud alternatives. For example, paying that price on Cloudways/DigitalOcean would get you 4 CPU cores, 8 GM memory, and 160 GB storage. Still, for those who like SiteGround and want to stick with SiteGround, this might be worth it.

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    6. Templ

    Finally, there’s Templ, which is an interesting option that’s sort of in between managed WordPress hosting and cloud WordPress hosting.

    All of Templ’s plans are powered by Google Cloud Platform. You get dedicated RAM, but for CPU resources, you get a mix between some dedicated resources and some shared resources. You’ll get at least 12.5% of CPU, but you can “burst” up to 100% of 1 CPU during brief periods of heavy load.

    The idea is that your site always has dedicated resources, but it can also eat into shared resources during short periods where you need to scale up your site.

    As a managed WordPress host, you’ll also get features such as staging sites, backups, etc.

    Templ’s plans start at $15 per month for 1 CPU core (12.5% dedicated to you, and burstable up to 100%), 0.5 GB RAM, and 5 GB storage.

    Which Is the Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress Users?

    If you’re not sure where to start, Cloudways is probably the best cloud hosting for WordPress as it’s affordable, user-friendly, and lets you choose your own cloud hosting provider.

    However, Cloudways can become expensive if you need to host multiple servers or you need a single high-powered server. In that case, you might be able to save money with something like RunCloud or GridPane. Both offer a similar approach to Cloudways, but in a little more technical package because your cloud hosting and server control panel remain separate.

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    At any of these first three options, you should consider using the Vultr High-Frequency servers, as they offer excellent performance for the money.

    Finally, Closte is another really interesting option because of its unique billing model. If you like the idea of only paying for the exact resources that each site consumes, it can be a great option. However, beginners might find it a little confusing because it’s hard to estimate how much your site will cost.

    Do you have any questions about choosing the best cloud hosting for WordPress? Ask in the comments!

    Best WordPress Search Plugins (2020): See The detail here

    By default, the native WordPress search function is quite limited. It doesn’t search all of your content, the search algorithm itself is pretty weak and doesn’t generate good results, and it doesn’t offer user-friendly front-end features like live Ajax search suggestions that appear as soon as a user starts typing.

    On high-traffic sites with lots of content, the default WordPress search feature can also cause performance issues because of its database queries.

    WordPress search plugins let you change all of that. You can include a lot more content in your search algorithm, adjust the weighting/algorithm, and, depending on the plugin, offer a much more useful search interface with suggestions, filters, and more. With some solutions, you’ll also be able to offload your search feature to a separate server, which is great for performance on high-traffic sites.

    In this post, I will share the six best search plugins for WordPress, most of which have a free version that you can use.

    Six Best WordPress Search Plugins

    1. Relevanssi

    Relevanssi is the most popular free WordPress search plugin at It’s primarily focused on improving the WordPress search algorithm, not necessarily adding new front-end features.

    For example, it lets you include different types of content in your search index including:

    • Custom post types (e.g. events, products, jobs, etc)
    • Custom fields
    • Categories, tags, and custom taxonomies
    • User comments
    • Attachments such as PDFs, Docs, etc. (with the paid version)
    • User profiles (with the paid version)
    • The front-end output of short codes

    You can also change the weighting of the algorithm. For example, you can add more weight if the user’s keyword appears in the category than in the body of the content. It also adds fuzzy matching, which can help turn up more search results.

    On the front-end, Relevanssi automatically integrates with the native WordPress search widget, so you don’t need to change anything.

    However, it does still add a few front-end changes:

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    • Sort results by relevance, not by date
    • Create custom excerpts that show the content where the search phrase appears
    • Highlight search terms when a user clicks through to the content
    • Add Google-style “Did you mean?” suggestions

    You can get many of the features in the free version at Or, the premium version costs $99 for use on unlimited sites. Click to see a comparison of the free vs premium features.

    2. SearchWP

    SearchWP is a popular premium WordPress search plugin. Like Relevanssi, it integrates with the native WordPress search widget and is mostly focused on helping you improve the search results that your site generates.

    However, it does include a few front-end enhancements, as well.

    The biggest feature is that it lets you include “more” content in your search index, including:

    • Custom post types (e.g. products, jobs, etc.)
    • Custom fields
    • Front-end output of shortcodes
    • Categories, tags, and custom taxonomies
    • Content in PDFs and other documents

    You can also adjust the weighting of all those different types of content and SearchWP adds fuzzy matching for improved results.

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    Some other useful features include:

    • View search analytics
    • Sort results by relevance not by date
    • Use SearchWP to power related content suggestions on your site
    • Automatically redirect certain queries to another page

    The same developer also offers a free SearchWP Live Ajax Search plugin at that adds live search results to your site. That is, search results will appear as soon as a user starts typing.

    SearchWP only comes in a premium version. Plans start at $99 for use on a single site, but you’ll need the $149 Pro version to access every single feature.

    3. Ajax Search Lite/Pro

    Ajax Search Lite is a popular search plugin that comes in both a free version at as well as a paid version with more features.

    As the name suggests, its primary function is to add real-time search results as soon as users start typing. You can even customize the live search results to include thumbnails and other details. For example, if you’re running a WooCommerce store, you can include a product’s price in the live search results.

    You can try a demo here to experience what it’s like.

    You can also add sort and filter options to help visitors further refine the results and get other user-friendly features such as:

    • Search term highlighting
    • Search suggestions

    However, it’s more than just front-end improvements. You can also use Ajax Search Lite to control the backend search function:

    • Control what content can be searched. For example, should it search blog posts or WooCommerce products? Or both?
    • Include custom fields and other information in search
    • Include user comments in search

    You can try Ajax Search Lite for free at For more features, you can purchase Ajax Search Pro for $36 from CodeCanyon, which includes lifetime updates. The premium version is well-rated, with 14,000+ sales and a 4.82-star rating on over 790 reviews.

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    4. Elasticsearch

    Elasticsearch isn’t a WordPress search plugin itself – it’s an open-source search engine that you can integrate into any type of website. However, there are multiple plugins that help you integrate Elasticsearch into WordPress to power your WordPress search.

    Elasticsearch makes a really good option for high-traffic, high-content WordPress sites because it separates your search index from your WordPress site. This will reduce the number of database queries that your site needs to make, which improves performance. This is a big part of why some managed WordPress hosts, like Kinsta, offer Elasticsearch add-ons.

    Beyond that, Elasticsearch also helps you generate better, more accurate search results. It lets you include more content in your search results and also customize the algorithm. You’ll also get other useful features such as fuzzy matching, faceted search, and real-time automatic suggestions.

    Unfortunately, using Elasticsearch can be a little complicated, so it might not be the best option for beginners.

    First, you’ll need to set up the Elasticsearch software yourself, which is kind of like setting up a WordPress install. You can either self-host it (because it’s open-source) or you can pay ElasticPress to host it for you (which can be a little expensive). If you’re using Cloudways, Cloudways also has a tool to help you install Elasticsearch and some other WordPress hosts (like Kinsta) offer Elasticsearch options.

    Once you have your Elasticsearch install, you can integrate it with your WordPress site using the free ElasticPress plugin at

    Jetpack Search is a paid WordPress search service from Automatics, the same team behind, Woo Commerce, and the standalone Jetpack plugin.

    One of the biggest advantages of Jetpack Search is that it does all of the processing and search indexing on Automatic’s servers. If you have a high-traffic site and/or a site with lots of content, this will greatly reduce the load on your server, which can improve your performance. 

    Beyond that, Jetpack Search completely replaces your site’s native search feature with its own search overlay that supports various user-friendly features:

    • Real-time search suggestions
    • Search query highlighting in results
    • Sort/filter options in the search results

    As for the search algorithm itself, Jetpack Search is actually based on Elasticsearch (the same technology that I shared above). It features various improvements like:

    • Spelling corrections
    • Fuzzy matching
    • Prioritized search results based on site stats – that is, it can rank more popular content higher

    You can learn more about the technology here. And if you want to see Jetpack Search in action, you can use the search function in the top-right corner at CSS-Tricks.

    Unfortunately, Jetpack Search only comes in a paid version. You’ll pay a monthly fee based on how much content your site has. The plans start at $5 per month for up to 100 search records (e.g. 100 blog posts) and go up from there.

    Lastly, there’s Ivory Search, which is another popular search plugin at that comes in both a free and paid version. It used to be known as Add to Search Menu, but the developer changed the name to Ivory Search.

    It shares a lot of similarities with SearchWP and Relevanssi. That is, the main feature is that it lets you search in “more” content including:

    • Custom post types
    • Custom fields
    • User comments
    • File attachments
    • Categories, tags, and custom taxonomies

    You also get more detailed controls. For example, you can exclude certain content from search or only search password-protected posts.

    Other useful features include:

    • Fuzzy matching (helps generate better results)
    • Keyword stemming (also helps generate better results)
    • Different options for sorting the search results

    Ivory Search also includes a few enhancements to the front-end search form. For example, you can add an Ajax live search to your form. It also includes a search form customizer that lets you customize the colors and text.

    The free version of Ivory Search is available at The paid version starts at just $20 per year.

    Improve WordPress Search Today

    By default, the WordPress search feature is very limited. If you want to make it easier for people to search and discover content on your site, you need to use a WordPress search plugin.

    So – which plugin is right for you?

    Well, if you just want an easy way to make your WordPress search more “complete”, I would recommend starting with Relevanssi (freemium), SearchWP (paid), or Ivory Search (freemium).

    On the other hand, if you want to enhance your front-end search with real-time Ajax search suggestions, you might want to start with Ajax Search Lite/Pro.

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    Finally, if you have a high-traffic site with lots of content, Elasticsearch is a great way to reduce the load on your server while also serving up better search results. The easiest way to benefit from Elasticsearch is to use Jetpack Search. Or, if you’re more of a technical person, you can also set up Elasticsearch yourself and use the free ElasticPress plugin.

    Do let me know how you have enhanced your WordPress search? Are you also monitoring how users are using search feature of your WordPress website?

    Happy Deepawali to everyone..2020

    May the divine light of Diwali spread into your life and bring peace, prosperity, happiness, good health and grand success. Happy Diwali 2020. May the beauty of Diwali season fill your home with happiness, and may the coming year provide you with all that brings you joy! Wishing you a happy Diwali.

    Reviews: Henry Harvin v/s GreyCampus Six Sigma

    About The Article # Henry Harvin

    • This particular blog aims at providing a detailed look into what is Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, further exploring the career prospects in the specific area.
    • Furthermore, it also gives a detailed comparison of the two Six Sigma training communities, Henry Harvin and GreyCampus Six Sigma.
    • It also talks about Six Sigma certification and the course and certification cost.

    What is Six Sigma Certification Course?

    • First and foremost, in simple words – Six Sigma is a statistics-based, data-driven approach that provides tools and techniques to organizations to reduce the frequency of occurrence of errors and for the elimination of occurred errors in a product or a service.
    • The typical Six Sigma methodology is known as DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. The primary motif of the Six Sigma strategy is to offer near-perfect goods and services for business transformation. A    

    The Six Sigma Certification professionally validates experts and agents who are skilled in singling out errors and defects in business processes and are trained to design solutions for the elimination of such faults.

    Three organizations hand out these official certifications, and they are – The International Association for Six Sigma Certification, The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC), and the American Society for Quality (ASQ).            

    • The Six Sigma Certification methodology has a four-tier structure. The strategy is categorized into three levels, or belts (as they are technically known as) – the White, Yellow, Green and Black belt.
    • The White Belt Certification is the entry-level Certification, which offers a basic understanding of the approach; the certification cost is relatively low.
    • The Yellow Belt certification cost ranges from USD 195 to USD 394, depending upon the organization which grants the Certification.
    • The CSSC offers a Green Belt Certification at USD 119; Green Belt Certification (Level II) is also further provided, and the complete process costs USD 300. Lastly, The Black Belt Six Sigma Certification Cost, when done through IASSC, is USD 395.

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    To answer the question regarding why Six Sigma Certification should be opted for and what are the career prospects in this particular field – With a Green Belt Certification to your name, the posts which you qualify for include: Management analyst, Supply Chain Program Analyst, Data Analyst, Operational Excellence Manager. With a Black Belt Certification, the opportunities include being Operations Manager, Operation Team Leader, Quality Manager.

    One of the most significant advantages of being a Certified Six Sigma professional is the salary which one gets. Certified Six Sigma experts are master occupants of the highest-paid job positions in the world. To put that into perspective, the average salary for the post is ₹1,020,072 in India. All that you need is project management skills, and that can be quickly learned with Six sigma. A 

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    Growth After Six Sigma Certification

    • The salary for Six sigma certified Quality Manager ranges 540,250 – 1,694,160.
    • The salary for the Six Sigma certified process improvement manager is in the range of 465,398 – 1,634,957.
    • Six sigma certified operations manager – salary range is 528,738 – 1,992,000
    • Six sigma certified quality assurance manager – The salary range is 489,357 – 2,246,889.

     Companies Instigate Six Sigma Certification

    • Several Indian and International companies instigate six sigma principles in its operation.
    • Most of the Indian services of Multinational companies like GE, Motorola, Allied, Conseco, etc. have Six Sigma built into their systems.
    • The most significant program undertaken by an Indian company is by Wipro. A 

    After Six Sigma Certification

    • On completion of the certification courses, one becomes an expert in managing the manufacturing processes; one will be able to inspect the procedures in detail to achieve a certain level of sustainability.
    • Training in Six Sigma allows one to work on multivariate tools, an understanding of the standard industry practices to maintain remarkable product and service quality.

    Benefits of Six Sigma Certification

    • A six sigma certification and a lean six sigma certification are beneficial both from the employee and the employer’s point of view.
    • Six Sigma Certification is one such approach that is used and employed by multitudes of companies across India and over the world.
    • Companies like American Express, Boeing, Amazon, and Bank of America have all used Six Sigma to improve processes and business operations.

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    Levels of Certifications 

    • Depending upon your experience and the level of Six Sigma Certification, which you have to your name (Yellow, Green and Black Belt), you can get top positions in renowned firms for operations, manufacturing, information technology, quality assurance, and more. The pay is also lucrative.

    People with Yellow, Green and Black Belt Certification are eligible for the following positions at top companies: Six Sigma consultants, production managers, quality analysts, business analysts, manufacturing engineers, process development engineers, project managers, warehouse operations managers, information technology project managers, data scientists, industrial engineers, process improvement directors, and more.

    For obtaining a certification, The Six Sigma Certification Cost is worth it. From an individual perspective, training in six sigma can be extremely crucial in the development of your open, adaptive, and logical thought process. Speaking in technical terms, it helps in precise identification of original causes that lead to focused betterment, thus resulting in improved business processes and performance. 

    When selecting an institution from where to obtain Six Sigma training and Certification, one needs to consider one’s decision based on various parameters, some of which include :  

    •  The course content
    • The Institute’s recognition
    • The validity of the Certification
    • Brand name of the Institute
    • Duration of the course
    • Six Sigma Certification Cost

    About GreyCampus:

    • GreyCampus Six Sigma is one of the leading learning communities in the field of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Certification. It provides several varied courses with immersive training facilities.
    • On the passing of an examination, the trainees are awarded the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (AISSCE). Having the AISSC credential added to one’s name means that one gains an added preference over one’s peers in any business or workplace area.
    • Various GreyCampus Six Sigma Reviews state that Greycampus Six Sigma has trained almost 150,000 plus students across 50 countries with an extensive forum consisting of more than 500 expert instructors.

    About Henry Harvin

    • Henry Harvin is among the leading career and competency development organizations. Its primary focus lies on value creation, training, assessment centers, skill development, higher education, and content services.
    • Apart from providing training in Lean Six Sigma Certification, its other popular courses include content writing and GST practicing.
    • Henry Harvin Six Sigma methodologies affect different aspects of business, such as enhancement in the quality of goods and services and efficient working of the employees.
    • Investing in Henry Harvin, the Six Sigma Certification Cost is overtly beneficial. Henry Harvin Six Sigma practice enables its participants to become competent.
    • Henry Harvin’s learning solutions are based on Competency Research that is conducted by gathering many inputs and millions of data points from across industries, functions, and domains.
    • It has links with the best in manufacturing to ensure high-quality subject delivery.

    The courses offered by both the institutes vest an individual with several efficient abilities. Both Greycampus Six Sigma and Henry Harvin are reputed institutions that provide training programs and are known for their practice of giving the Best Six Sigma Certification. 

    Below is a detailed factor-by-factor comparison of the two institutes created by combining various user Greycampus Six Sigma reviews and Henry Harvin reviews, as well as their success, accomplishment, and features.


    Henry Harvin

    • The Certification for Green Belt Six Sigma training stands at ₹17,500. The course is for 4-days/32-hours.
    • The Six Sigma Certification Cost for Black Belt training course at Henry Harvin is ₹25,000. The examination fee is included within the course fee.


    • Greycampus Six Sigma charges around ₹15,000 to ₹18,900 for six sigma green belt certification courses, depending upon the format of training chosen.
    • The cost for six sigma black belt training ranges from ₹12,000 to ₹25,000.
    • Lean six sigma green belt training cost stands at ₹18,900 for online self-learning and ₹10,000 for live online training options; the lectures’ duration is 18 hours.
    • The Green Belt Examination voucher cost is USD 295.

    Conclusion: Henry Harvin charges less of a course fee, and the course duration is shorter as well than Greycampus Six Sigma. Unlike Henry Harvin, Greycampus Six sigma charges the examination fee separately. Henry Harvin is a more economical and user-friendly alternative to Greycampus Six Sigma.


    Henry Harvin   

    • Henry Harvin provides training courses in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification and Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.


    • As per GreyCampus website, the training courses provided by them include Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, and Black Belt Certification.
    • In addition to that, they also offer training in Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Combo Training courses and Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Combo training courses.

    Conclusion: Greycampus Six Sigma undoubtedly has more course options than Henry Harvin does.


    Henry Harvin

    • The trainers and coaches are part of the renowned Business and management industries.
    • The coaches are experts in the fields of Lean and Six Sigma. The training methodology also helps the trainees in the practical application of the six sigma tools and strategies in their post-training work area.


    The Greycampus Six Sigma learning circuit houses nearly 500 trained experts. As far as GreyCampus go, the instructors are said to be experienced and skilled in practical training rather than theoretical training only. It has a co-operative collection of faculties & crew members.

    Conclusion- The training at Henry Harvin is more wholesome, and practical than that at Greycampus six sigma. Such a level of professional coaching enables the trainees to gain valuable experience and demonstrate success. It provides the trainee with the Best Six Sigma Certification. 


    Henry Harvin

    • Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course is a 7-days/28-hours Live Virtual Classroom Training Session. Domain experts characterize the course into eight focused modules.
    • The significant aim of the course is to impart knowledge of various techniques and tools in statistical & non-statistical terms to make decisions based on data and facts.
    • The six-sigma black belt training provided at Henry Harvin enables the trainee to have a smooth understanding of the aspects related to defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling the operations by six sigma principles.


    • The Black Belt training course at GreyCampus enables individuals to implement, perform, interpret, and put Lean Six Sigma strategies into use in a very proficient manner.
    • The course trains the students by preparing them for the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification examination as well as the Greycampus certification exam.
    • This course’s content is aligned to the universally accepted IASSC Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge for Black Belts.
    • The training route follows the DMAIC methodology and is characterized by case studies and practical examples.
    • The session ends with the individual acquiring the International Association for Six Sigma Certification – Certified Black Belt (IASSC-CBB) qualification.
    • The training encompasses three simulated examinations and takes place over 3-4 days of instructor-led training. Options for both Online self-learning and live online training is available.
    • The skills which individual gains include Lean concepts, and concepts of Design, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control.
    • According to various Greycampus Six Sigma Reviews, the Black belt certification course taught here is sufficiently competent.
    • The course is maily very suitable targeted at people working in the Quality Management domain. Ex- Quality System Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Analysts, Auditors, etc.

    Conclusion-  Henry Harvin provides the Best Six Sigma Certification, as far as this particular course is concerned. The Black Belt Certification training at Henry Harvin is better than that offered at Greycampus Six Sigma. The trainees at Henry Harvin gain a basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts and are also equipped with practical experience with regards to their application.



    • Prerequisite for enrolling in the lean six sigma Green Belt Certification course includes three years of full-time paid work experience The skills which the trainee gains knowledge in Problem-solving Basic statistics & Six Sigma tools, process mapping and measurement, variance analysis.
    • It is characterized by one/four simulative exams and happens over 2-3 days of instructor-led training.
    • The participant gains 30-day access to an instructor (via email) for doubt clearing and issue resolution.
    • Greycampus Six Sigma Reviews confirm the participant also gets 35 PM PDUs as well as 1-year access to the audio-video lectures, practice questions, simulated tests, and more.

    Henry Harvin

    • The Green Belt Six Sigma course offered by Henry Harvin is unique. The Six Sigma Certification Cost stands at ₹17,500. The course is for 4-days/32-hours.
    • The course provides beneficial post-training features: The participant is given 12-months/24-hours Post Certification Project Experience Expert Sessions; the participant can add to his profile and resume a globally recognized hallmark credential of ‘Certified Six Sigma Executive’ (CSSE), which would further help the participant in his/her workplace.
    • The program plans at improving the efficiency of an individual in contributing to organizational success through a correct understanding of issues, and rectification of unwanted elements within a process.
    • Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Green Belt training is ranked among the top 3 in the world, due to several compelling reasons. Post-training, the participants can engage in free doubt resolving and revision sessions. The course ensures exclusive job support.
    • Classroom certification courses are carried out on Sundays as well as on convenient location and timing.

    Conclusion-  The six sigma green belt certification at Henry Harvin is a better option. Not only is the course characterized by better training and post-training facilities, but (as stated earlier) it is also more budget-friendly and compact.


    Henry Henry

    •  It offers both classroom training and online training. The classroom training takes place on Sundays as well, meeting appropriate time and location requirements.
    • The programs aim at improving the competency of an individual in contributing to organizational success through a correct understanding of issues, and rectification of unwanted elements within a process.


    • Greycampus offers two main formats of training – extensive instructor-led classroom training and Online self-learning programs. Provision for Live Online Training is also available.
    • It accounts for Six Sigma Certification Online.

    Conclusion- As far as training formats go, both the institutions provide equal quality.


    Henry Harvin

    • The courses provide beneficial post-training features: The participant is given 12-months/24-hours Post Certification Project Experience Expert Sessions.
    • The participant can add to his profile and resume a globally recognized hallmark credential of ‘Certified Six Sigma Executive’ (CSSE), which would further help the participant in his/her workplace.
    • These after training facilities are available for both the Green and the Blackbelt courses.  Post-training, the participants can engage in free doubt resolving and revision sessions.


    • Nearly 46% of the learners receive funding from their employers to take up the training programs and improve their skills. Greycampus does not provide any post-training faculties as such.

    Conclusion- Henry Harvin has the edge over Greycampus Six Sigma as far as Post-Training facilities are concerned. 


    Henry Harvin

    • The trainee gets the advantage of earning experience in 1 full project during classroom training and that of 12 projects over one year.
    • Henry Harvin provides essential access to LMS courseware, data, books, and articles for free. Data analytic tools help the participants to analyze the effects of the projects.
    • The participants learn about the theory of inventive problem-solving insights for accelerated thinking to generate sustainable win-win solutions for the organization.
    • The experience of 12 industry-related projects is an added advantage.


    • Trainees at GreyCampus Six Sigma are entitled to one full year of e-Learning access. In case of any unavoidable glitch, GreyCampus Six Sigma provides a 100% money-back guarantee.
    • As far as lean six sigma green belt and black belt certification is concerned, the trainees get six months’ access to all Live Online training program batches.
    • PDUs are Professional Development Units, necessary for maintaining the Project Management Institute (PMI)-certified credentials.
    • GreyCampus Six Sigma, based on particular courses, offers PMI PDus to its trainees: for instance, the Black Belt course trainee gets 45 PMI Plus, and the green belt certification trainee is provided with 35 PMI PDUs.
    • Several GreyCampus Six Sigma Reviews state that the facilities provided by the Institute to its participants are top-class. The Certification provided is ASQ and IASSC approved. Apart from online training, group training is also available.

    Conclusion- Even though the facilities provided by both the institutes are very competent, Henry Harvin excels over Greycampus Six Sigma.



    Henry Harvin

    • The prerequisite for getting into this course is that one needs to be involved in analyzing and solving quality issues; one should have worked with Six Sigma, Lean project management, or any other quality-related project.
    • The trainees are given a clear understanding of the implementation of the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) methodology; it provides the participant an overview of Six Sigma and organizational objectives.
    • The training programs at Henry Harvin’s makes the participant efficient in project management practices related to the right project selection, resource management, change management, finance management, and many other factors.
    • Moreover, the participant also gains knowledge in the measurement of current performance to rectify issues and help, improve, and implement solutions in problems with industry-level case studies.
    • It vests its participants with new methods and processes conducting business, which enhances the business’ functionality and also reduces the defects from the process.
    • Henry Harvin Six Sigma Certification helps in shaping the ability to solve data-driven problems; it is the contender of Best Six Sigma Certification programs.

    This leads to enhancing the performance of the candidate and increasing revenue. The primary motif of the Six Sigma certification training program of Henry Harvin is to provide official validation to the individuals who possess the skills to identify errors or defects in a business process and eliminate them. 


    • Greycampus provides ample opportunities to the trainees. For each of the courses available, it accounts for an additional one-day live exam solving session, where instructors explain simulated full-length  Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certification exams, as a demonstration for the trainees.
    • All the courses are aligned according to the IASSC body of knowledge. Examination for re-certification can also be taken, as per Greycampus Six Sigma Reviews. The unique feature of one-day hands-on instructor-led training is available.
    • This training focuses on the final preparation for the Lean Six Sigma Examinations.
    • The training includes – Solving of a Mock exam, Exam Question analysis, and Doubt clearing. High-quality instructors, simulated exams, structured learning resources, quizzes, mobile apps, mentoring come together to provide dedicated support over a robust platform.
    • Furthermore, the participant gets the benefit of 30-day access to an instructor for doubt solving and access to various live online batches upon live-online registrations.                 

    Conclusion- Henry Harvin, as a whole, is vested by far more advanced features than Greycampus Six Sigma is. The training at Henry Harvin enables one to make use of resources beneficially and efficiently. As a result, the operations’ cost, materials, and time of the organization being worked for will be condensed – this makes the organization lay responsibility and trust upon the individual.

    The participant becomes proficient in identifying defects and removing them from the process of products to improve the quality of that particular process. 


    Henry Harvin

    • It has its centers in the above mentioned similar locations. Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma certification in Bangalore stands among the best training locations in India.


    • It has its units all over the world. In India, the centers are located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune. Apart from the Indian subcontinent, it spreads wide and far over New Zealand, Australia, China, Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, among others.

    Conclusion- Both Greycampus Six Sigma and Henry Harvin have centers all over the country and abroad as well.


    Henry Harvin

    • Some of the leading companies which hire from among the Henry Harvin trainees include Airtel, HP, Maruti Suzuki, FedEx, Lufthansa, and Philips among the very best.


    • Cisco, Amazon, UBC, The Warner Cable, among others.

    Conclusion- Both the institutes have equally remarkable ties with the best companies.


    Henry Harvin certainly is better than Greycampus Six Sigma, which is very evident from the above-detailed comparison. It is the Best Six Sigma Certification provider. The employee who is trained in Henry Harvin Six Sigma practices displays a higher competence and efficiency, reduced overhead, and higher profit in his/her post-training business proceedings. Once the Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt is obtained, a person is both educated in Henry Harvin Six Sigma methodologies and equipped to become a change agent within their organization. This shall eventually open doors to promotion in an upper organization and, as one might expect, increases the scenarios of obtaining a job with a different employer. Six Sigma professionals stand an excellent chance of rising to senior managerial positions since financial management and risk assessment are excellently developed skills for middle and top-level management, certified. The certifications also help in becoming a specialist in process improvement and will enhance the career’s standard and credibility. While both of the institutes are among the best in the Six Sigma training, Henry Harvin has the edge over Greycampus Six Sigma in terms of experience, faculty, and training facilities. The Certification provided by Henry Harvin, by all means, is the Best Six Sigma Certification.

    So, without any further delay enroll now and get familiar with different types of courses.⠀


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