PUBG Mobile 9 April, 2021 latest update: PUBG Mobile bans over 1.6 million accounts for cheating

PUBG Mobile 9 April, 2021 latest update: PUBG Mobile bans over 1.6 million accounts for cheating

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PUBG Mobile has permanently banned over 1.6 million players for cheating in the last few days. PUBG Mobile shared in a tweet the latest PUBG Ban Pan anti-cheat report, which reveals that 1,692, 949 accounts were permanently banned between March 28, 2021, to April 1, 2021. Also Read – Honor of Kings beats PUBG Mobile to become the highest grossing mobile game in March 2021

“The #BanPan strikes again! From March 28th through April 1st, we permanently banned 1,691,949 accounts from accessing our game,” PUBG Mobile said in a tweet. It also shared data on the percentage of accounts banned in each category as well as offenses for which they were banned. Also Read – PUBG Mobile developer to launch new co-op game soon: 5 key developments

For instance, the maximum 34 percent of accounts each was banned for auto-aim hacks, and x-ray vision. Apart from this, 12 percent were banned for speed hack, while 10 percent of accounts were banned for other reasons, respectively. Further, 6 percent and 4 percent of accounts were banned for modification of area damage and modification of character model, respectively. Also Read – PUBG Mobile Korean version will not be playable in India from July 1: Here’s why

Only 1 percent of the accounts were of the highest Conqueror tier, while 8 percent of accounts were banned from the second-highest tier in the game, which is the Ace tier, respectively. Further, PUBG Mobile banned 12 percent from the Crown tier accounts, and 13 percent from the Diamond tier accounts, respectively.

In the lower tier, 11 percent of accounts from the Platinum tier and 9 percent from the Gold tier were banned, respectively. Also, 11 percent and 35 percent from the Silver and Bronze tiers were banned by PUBG Mobile.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile is banned in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act.

PUBG Mobile was banned along with several other Chinese apps in September last year. Even though PUBG Mobile creator Krafton is making efforts to re-launch the game in India, do keep in mind that the government has not made anything official.

The battle royale game is among the most popular in the world and it crossed 6 billion downloads recently on the Google Play Store and App Store worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no timeline on the PUBG Mobile re-launch in the country.

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