Flipkart Big Saving Days sale from Aug 6 to Aug 10: Details here

Flipkart has announced that it will be holding another round of its Big Saving Days sale. The company is yet to announce the sale dates, and currently only has a banner, which states that the sale is “Coming Soon”. During the sale, the company will be offering deals and discounts across its website and will also offer Axis and ICICI Bank cardholders an instant discount of 10 percent during the sale. Also Read – Micromax Airfunk 1, Airfunk 1 Pro starting at Rs 1,299 launched in India

To recall, Flipkart just concluded the last round of its Big Saving Days sale and has now announced another round, which will take place soon. Also Read – Happy International Friendship Day 2021: Best tech gifts under Rs 2,000

Flipkart Big Saving Days: Dates

Even though Flipkart has not revealed the exact dates for the sale. The company in its SEO title for the Big Saving Days sale has revealed that the sale will kick off on August 6 and will go on till August 10. Flipkart Plus Members will be able to get early access to the deals, starting August 5. Also Read – iPhone SE gets cheaper on Flipkart only for today: Get over Rs 11,000 flat discount

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Flipkart Big Saving Days

Flipkart via a microsite dedicated to the upcoming Big Saving Days sale has announced that the sale will commence 24 hours early for plus members. It will also include special zones like Crazy Deals, which will refresh at 12 AM, 8 AM and 4 PM. Other zones will include Rush Hours and Tick Tock Deals. The Buy More Save More offers will include increasing discounts and or additional free products.

The company will also be holding a Travel sale alongside the Big Savings Days sale, where it will provide all customers special offers on flight bookings.

During the sale, the company will provide offers on mobiles and tablets, up to 80 percent off on electronics and accessories, up to 75 percent off on TVs and appliances, up to 80 percent off on clothes, up to 80 percent off on Flipkart products and more.

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Happy Friendship Day 2021: 5 cool tech gifts under Rs 500

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Samsung Galaxy A22 in pictures: A fancy 5G phone under 20000

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G design

The Galaxy A22 5G features a squarish plastic unibody construction with a reflective back panel. It has a side-mounted fingerprint reader for biometrics. A square-shaped camera module sits at the top left corner.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Latest update: PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 Download APK link, patch notes and more

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 update: PUBG Mobile Lite’s latest update has hit the servers and players can head to Google Play Store. The fresh update brings to the table a new lobby layout, a new loading screen, a new TDM Mode, FPP mode, and some map modifications. While the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 update has been released globally, some players may not be able to access it in the app store. In case you are one among them, here’s a simple guide on how you can download the latest PUBG Mobile Lite update. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile global: 5 differences you will find

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 update APK link download on Android

As mentioned earlier, the new PUBG Mobile Lite update has already hit the servers, but you can check external download links in case you aren’t able to access the game from the app store. Here’s how to download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 update via APK link. Also Read – PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 global version update: Download APK link, features, and more

Step 1: Visit visit PUBG Mobile Lite’s official website by clicking on this link. Also Read – Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite like Free Android Survival games you can play offline

Step 2: You will find the ‘APK Download’ button on the website, click on it.

Step 3: Once the download is complete, locate the file on your Android mobile and install it. Make sure that you have enabled the ‘Install from unknown source’ option on your Android device.

Step 4: Open the app, once the installation is complete.

Step 5: On completion of the in-game patches, you will be able to try out the latest version of the PUBG Mobile Lite game on your device.


PUBG Mobile Lite, the lighter version of the popular BR title PUBG Mobile was designed for the low specced phones that demand fewer hardware requirements. The game has a file size of 600 MB and can run on 1GB RAM with ease. That said, PUBG Mobile Lite is banned in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, hence players in the region are required not to try the above process. Krafton has no doubt brought an alternative solution to PUBG Mobile in the country, the Battlegrounds Mobile India with subtle changes and simpler mechanics.

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Google Play Store announces blanket ban on Sugar Daddy apps over sexual content

Google Play is banning apps that promote ‘sugar dating’ or ‘compensated sexual relationships.’ Starting September 1, the Google app store will ‘prohibit facilitating’ sugar-daddy apps, as part of its new restrictions on sexual content. Also Read – Google, Facebook make vaccination mandatory for employees returning to office

The Mountain View tech company announced the new policy changes through a post on the Google Play Console support website. The post cites several policy changes with the major one being the ban on apps dealing with “compensated sexual relationships” or simply sugar dating. Also Read – Fake Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Lite APK links going viral on the internet: How to spot them

For those uninitiated, sugar dating typically refers to a relationship where a wealthy older man compensates someone young in exchange for ‘typically sexual’ favours. The phrase entered the glossary when the ‘illicit dating sites’ Ashley Madison massive data breach exposed a list of clients and created a ruckus in the public. While Ashley Madison was one of the sources to seek out such favours, a lot many similar apps like Elite Millionaire Singles, SeekingArrangement and Spoil popped up on the app store. Surprisingly, some of these apps explicitly mention ‘sugar daddies’ looking for a discrete arrangement. Also Read – Google’s offline dinosaur game in new Olympics avatar: Here’s how to can play

BBC notes that journalists have identified several apps that explicitly facilitate sugar dating, some even with thousands of installs. Apparently, Google’s decision seems to have been motivated by US legislation and it is now putting a blanket ban on sexual content. The tech giant is updating its Inappropriate Content policy to renew the ban on sexual content.

“As a platform, we are always excited to support our developer partners, but we also work hard to provide a safe experience for users. We have updated our inappropriate content policy to prohibit apps that facilitate sexual acts in exchange for compensation following feedback we received from NGOs, governments, and other user advocacy groups concerned with user safety. This aligns our policies with other Google policies and industry norms,” Google said (via Android Police).

Besides this, Google is also bringing new policies that will close accounts of those inactive and abandoned developers who are not using for over a year. Several other changes include- developer preview of app set ID for analytics or fraud prevention, revised User Data policy to bar ‘linking persistent device identifiers to personal and sensitive user data.’ The company will add restrictions on apps that target children as well. As mentioned earlier, these changes will come into effect on or before September 1.

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Samsung Galaxy A22 5G vs Poco X3 Pro – Compare Specs, Price | BGR.in

Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy A22 5G which is packed with new features and specifications. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G comes with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G connectivity. The Poco also launched its POCO X3 Pro with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G connectivity. You can read below about the storage, camera, price, display, and design of Samsung Galaxy A22 5G and POCO X3 Pro. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy A22 5G vs Samsung Galaxy M42 5G – Here’s Latest Specifications Including Camera, Display, RAM, Processor, OS, Price in India, and Other Features

Display and Design-The screen of Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is 6.60-inch, whereas the screen of POCO X3 Pro is 6.67 inch. The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G has a screen resolution of 1080 x 2408, whereas the POCO X3 Pro has a screen resolution of 2400×1080 FHD+. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy A22 5G vs Motorola Moto G60 – Compare Latest Specifications Including Camera, RAM, Price in India, Battery Performance, OS, and Many More

Price-The price range of Samsung Galaxy A22 5G and POCO X3 Pro is based on their different variants. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G of 6GB RAM and 128GB is priced at 19999, whereas POCO X3 Pro of 6GB RAM and 128GB is priced at 18999. Also Read – How to get Free Fire diamonds for free for Elite Pass: 7 Best Tips you must know

Camera -The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G has a 48MP + 5MP + 2MP camera, whereas the POCO X3 Pro has a 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP camera. On the front the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G has 8MP main Camera lens, whereas on the front the POCO X3 Pro has 20MP main Camera lens.

Battery -The battery of Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is powered by 5000mAh as compared to the battery of POCO X3 Pro of 5160mAh.

OS-The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G runs on Android 11, whereas the POCO X3 Pro runs on Android 11. The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 700, whereas the POCO X3 Pro is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 860.

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How to Pick A Blog Niche? (Correct way in 2021)

This is by far the most important article you will ever read before you start a blog. The knowledge of blog niche will define your future success or lack of this knowledge, might lead to failure.

There are countless people who started a blog and had quit it before they could have discovered the glory they were destined to. 

What I found most interesting here is, the majority of them echoed the same voice:

  • I quit because I couldn’t drive blog traffic
  • I quit because I could not make money
  • I was unsuccessful
  • I was not lucky

For me, it is disheartening to hear this, as I know the issue is not the hard work of these quitters, but lack of understanding of profitable blogging, and especially zero understanding of blog niche. 

Now, today I unravel the secrets of niche selection, which will become your foundation to create a profitable blogging business

This is a long read, and you should also bookmark this guide for future references. Grab a mug full of coffee or green tea, and close every distraction.

Read every word with a clear intention of learning something new, and you would not only find success with your next blog, but you will also avoid making niche selection mistakes, which makes a lot of bloggers unsuccessful.

What is the blog niche? 

According to the dictionary

Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

The most common way to think of blog niche is:

  • What is your blog topic?
  • What is your blog about?

The biggest mistake in niche selection?

There are a few mistakes that a lot of beginners make when it comes to niche selection. Let me pen down a few of them.

1. Getting into a generic niche:

A generic niche is a broad niche, which is usually high competition, and very broad. For example Health niche, tech niche, Fashion niche. 
A better way to look into it is, by focusing on a specialized narrow niche within a broad niche.

This alone would ensure your blog becomes a success in terms of popularity, traffic, and money.

Moreover, you become a specialized expert, since you would be spending a lot of time researching, learning, and writing around one focused topic.

Read: Single topic niche Vs. multi topic niche: Which is better & why?

2. Fewer monetization options:

A lot of beginners get into blogging by focusing only on AdSense. This is mostly due to lack of information, and this should not be the only criteria of profitable niche selection.

You need to widen your horizon and focus on a niche that provides an option for more monetization opportunities.

This could be in the form of (but not limited to)

  • Direct advertisers
  • Affiliate programs
  • Online courses
  • Merchandising

Read my guide on how to make money blogging, this would help you learn about more options for blog monetization.

3. Without Research, Failure Happens:

If your goal is to make a sustainable business (income stream) from your blogging effort, you need to spend time researching and using data to pick a niche.

This may require 2-3 days before you could start your blog. But, this exercise alone would help you validate your idea, and your decision is not solely based on passion and gut feelings. 

On the contrary, gut feeling is not a bad thing, as long as you are well nurtured with the right information, prior to launching your blog.

4. Sticking To A Wrong Niche:

“It is ok, I will make it a success”, such kind of thought often lead to frustration in the near future, and ultimately would let you quit working on your blog.

Often when you realise you are working in the wrong niche, you have an option to start a new website (in a new niche), and then make it work for you. In fact, your second blog might be a success, as you will be utilising your knowledge from the old blog, into a new one. 

In my 12 years of career as a blogger, every new blog has become a faster success than the earlier one. So do not be afraid of leaving your old niche, and starting a new one when you realise the old niche is too saturated, or you have no interest in it anymore.

Take all this advice with a grain of salt, and ponder on it, before you make any decision about changing your niche. If you are part of ShoutUniversity, you can always ask me about your niche. 

5. Not Starting Due to Lack of Niche:

Niche selection is definitely #1 step for becoming successful with profitable blogging, but you should not be stuck at this stage for too long. There are many more challenges that are waiting, and you should complete the entire process of niche selection within a week. 

Even if it meant you have selected the wrong niche, you can always course-correct later. The key here is, not to get stuck in the process of niche selection.

Moving on to the benefits…

What Are The Benefits of Niche Selection

1. More Traffic – Google Love:

Since you will be taking the help of data to pick the niche, the probability of you building a high traffic blog would be higher. Also, since you are working in a laser-focused niche, you are more likely to get rewarded by Google in terms of organic traffic. 

2. More Loyal Users:

Being in the right niche also lets you attract like-minded users. Since your blog is going to be about one topic, your being in the right niche also lets you attract like-minded users.

Since your blog is going to be about one topic, your readers are more likely to stick around.

You would notice that you have less bounce rate, high avg. page on time and your community would expand. This whole process may be slow in the beginning, but eventually one day everything would just change. 

3. You Might Become an Expert: 

Learning is a slow process, but as you spend regular time daily on learning about one subject, eventually you would end up being top 1%-5%  in that particular field. The best part is, you would not even realize how you gained such kind of knowledge, as your hunger for learning more will never end. This difference is mostly noted by others, or by you when you will compare your recent writings with the old ones. 

4. Marketing Becomes Easier: 

This reason alone should compel you to spend a significant amount of time selecting a niche. When you have a focused blog, your marketing efforts become a bit easier than an unfocused blog, and you would see better results with fewer efforts. 

5. More Mullah 💸:

Once your blog starts getting traction, you would be approached by advertisers. This stage of your career would be game-changer, as your initial niche selection will help you make more money in comparison to your peers. 

Due to the laser-focused niche, the ads should be getting high CTR from the hyper-targeted audience, this would be maximum mullah. In one of a niche that I worked on, it netted more than $12000 on a single day because I was in a focused niche.  Now, you may or may not repeat the same result as mine, but you will be definitely better off than starting a blog without niche selection. 

Generic Niche Vs. Laser-focused niche (Micro niche)

  • Freelancing vs freelancing for writers
  • Technlology blog vs Tech blog for Apple user
  • Fashion  Lifestyle blog vs Fashion & life style for College goers
  • SEO vs Backlink Building

5 Principles to pick a niche for your blog:

1. Your interest a.k.a passion 

Use your past experience, hobbies and learnings, current interest, readings and learnings, and your life accomplishment as a base to choose a niche. For example, if you have lost weight, you can think about starting a health blog or if you have become financially free, you can start a finance blog.
Always remember: One learns better by teaching!

The way I do it is by creating a list of subjects I’m passionate about and then running through other filters as listed below.

This ensures that the niche you will pick is not only something you are passionate about but also profitable in the longer run.

2. Low Competition Niche Means Easy Win:

Competition is another factor that you should consider before zeroing down on a niche. You should avoid high competitive niche, as a lot of other webmasters are creating a website in the same niche.

You should remember this as the topmost principle for successful niche selection. Your goal should be to pick a niche that is not very competitive, and not a lot of users are looking into it. At the same time, it has the potential to grow over time (See trends in niche selection) to have a clear understanding of this.

3. Your Area of Expertise:

Well, passion is one compass to find a great niche, you should not discount your existing expertise when it comes to niche selection. Especially, as a lot of websites rely on Google search to drive traffic, expertise is one criterion you should consider.

A few years back Google made it clear that they look at author expertise to rank a website. High ranking means, you will be rewarded with more organic traffic, which in turn will help you to be successful in your blogging endeavor.

In fact, Google took this one step ahead and started de-ranking websites where expertise is not clear especially in certain niches like health, finance, and anything to do with money matters.

Generic niches like fashion, tech are quite fine right now, but we can’t be certain it would stay the same in the near future. Your qualifications, your official designation (Example: Engineer, Doctor, Management degree), should be considered when picking a niche.

If you don’t have one of these, then avoid getting into a niche where the qualification matters. There is a workaround related to this situation, but it is not as straightforward as it seems. So along with passion, do consider a niche where you could highlight your own expertise, or hire expert writers. A workaround to this is by having an expert review your content (For example, health niche can work with a medical practitioner, to review the content).

4. Topic Relevancy In The Future

So you identified a few niches for you, but what about the future of those niches?

Checking the trend, and ensuring that trend has increased over time ensure you stay relevant in the time to come.

There are exceptions when you are working on a micro-niche, and your time horizon for that blog is not more than 1-2 years. A good free tool to check the trend of a topic is by using Google trends.

Here is how you can use Google trends.

  • Head over to Trends.google.com
  • Enter your niche topic
  • Select the target country (Ex: Worldwide, India, United States, Australia)
  • Select the year range (Ex: 5 years)

And Google would show you how the interest of users have increased or decreased around that topic.

5. Is Your Niche Monetizable?

This is another important factor that you should consider when finalizing a niche for building a profitable blog. This is not uncommon to find beginner bloggers creating a blog on things they are passionate about, but struggle to monetize it.

The reason being, there are many high-traffic niches, which are hard to monetize. The reason being, there are not enough advertisers, who would like to advertise in such niches.

Google AdSense or Media.net is certainly the most common way of monetizing any niche, but as I shared in my how-to make money blogging webinar, there are higher levels of monetization that generate more revenue.

There are a few ways to gauge the monetization opportunities, and one of them is by analyzing the similar websites in that niche. This strategy is also known as competitor analysis.

Analyze other blogs in a similar niche (broad or narrow), and see how they are monetizing their blog. 

A few things to pay attention to:

  • Are they using only contextual ad networks like AdSense to monetize?
  • Are they running any direct ads? If yes, which all brands?
  • Are their affiliate links on the website?
  • Are they selling any products (Courses, eBooks, Merchandising)?
  • Are they offering consultancy?

This kind of study will give you a head start, and also idle for your blog business plan.

Final words for successful niche selection:

Before you move to FAQ’s related to niche selection, I want you to know one thing:

Even though this guide should be used as a guiding principle for your niche selection process, but it should not be the only thing. There are often outliers who think unthinkable, and you should keep that in mind.

Nonetheless, some principles like using data to validate your niche selection idea would ensure you don’t make niche selection mistakes like many others.

This guide is meant to help you learn the tricks that professionals use for niche selection. In the real world, you would end up paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to learn all this wisdom. Today you are learning this for free, however, all this knowledge would be useless, if you skip even a single principle of the niche selection process.

If you already have a blog in a particular niche, you can use this guide to give it a new direction. This way, you not only make your future success proof, but you also will not end up like many bloggers who quit blogging due to the wrong selection of niche.

Q. I’m an expert in nothing, how can I start a blog in any niche?

A. Well, the best way to learn anything is by teaching. As long as you applied these principles to find a good niche, and start writing about it, you will start becoming better.

As you move ahead in your journey as a learner, you may go back to edit old articles, which is completely natural. Overall, you don’t have to be an expert to start a blog in any niche, you become an expert by learning and writing. In fact, when you learn to write, you end up researching and learning better, as writing requires more preparation. Even though the starting few months will be slow for you, but in the long run, you will have a better impact.

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Snapchat celebrates Friendship Day with new Lenses: Here’s how to use it

Snapchat is celebrating Friendship Day with new Lenses or filters. The new Snap lenses will likely allow users to share fun moments, virtual hugs, etc with their friends on Snapchat.

Like some of the major social media platforms, Snapchat follows the tradition of bringing new filters during festivals and events. Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. To help users celebrate the occasion in advance, Snapchat is said to have designed the lenses to let them express themselves and create memorable moments.

The lenses as observed by TheIndianExpress have Snap code which one will be able to access by simply pointing the camera app on the code. There are a total of four lenses which come with a limited unlock time period between 24 to 48 hours. The lenses even allow playing around different games as well. Here’s how to use the new Snapchat Friendship Day lenses.

How to use Snapchat Friendship Day Lenses

Step 1- First up, launch the Snapchat app.
Step 2- Switch the camera app to the rear side.
Step 3- Scan any of the codes below.

Snapchat, Snapchat Friendship Day, Snapchat Friendship Day Lenses, how to use Snapchat Friendship Day Lens, Snap Code, Snap Map, Snapchat update, Snapchat news

Step 4- Once the app recognises a code, it will begin scanning. Once done, it will pop up a new Lens that will stay unlocked for 24 or 48 hours depending on the Lens you try. You will then be set to play with the new Snap lenses.

While Friendship Day is still a few days away, Snapchat seems to have taken the first step to stay ahead of its rivals WhatsApp, Instagram that will most likely bring creative stickers on their platforms ahead of the special day. Having said that, Snapchat recently added a My Places feature to the Snap map. The new feature offer three main tabs- visited, favorites, and popular. Notably, the social media platform has used an algorithm to provide personalised recommendations so that users can better engage with the world around them.

The post Snapchat celebrates Friendship Day with new Lenses: Here’s how to use it appeared first on BGR India.

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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 Wildland Walkers: How to pre-order, get exclusive Scarecrow Grenade skin

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39: Free Fire Elite Pass, the level-based system help players get rewards by completing missions. A new season of Elite Pass is released every month that brings along a range of in-game items. Elite Pass Season 38 ‘Guns for Hire’ is closing in this month, and with that, the pre-order for the next season has now begun. Here are all the details of the Free Fire Elite Season 39 Wildland Walkers. Also Read – Free Fire Max release date: APK and OBB download links, supported devices, more details

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 Wildland Walkers: Blazing Scarecrow Bundle, Scarecrow Grenade skin, other leaked rewards

Free Fire upcoming Elite Pass Season 39 is named Wildland Walkers. The pre-order of the new season elite pass has begun starting today. Players will be able to pre-order it till July 31. The price for the Elite Pass is the same as that of the previous pass and will cost 999 diamonds. Notably, those who pre-order the Elite Bundle will get exclusive Scarecrow Grenade skin. As for the rewards, reports suggest the new season elite pass will include Blazing Scarecrow, Fiery Scarecrow bundle. The new Elite Pass will likely bundle in- Wildland Walker vest, Scarecrow Avatar, Scarecrow parachute strikes. Also Read – Ban PUBG Mobile and Free Fire mobile games, MP urges Nepal government

How to pre-order Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39

Step 1- First up, open the Free Fire game on your device, and head to the Elite Pass section. Also Read – Best online gaming platforms to play multiple games: Paytm First Games, PlayerzPot and more

Step 2- Tap on the icon beside the upgrade button.

Step 3- Then press on the ‘999’ diamonds button.

Step 4- Once done, a dialog box will pop-up asking whether you want to confirm the purchase. Pressing on the yellow diamond button will successfully complete the transaction.

To recall, the monthly subscription system was removed from Season 31 back in December 2020. That said, players should keep in note that to advance through the pass and grab cosmetic items they will require badges. The badges can be obtained by completing in-game daily and weekly missions.

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WhatsApp will soon allow chat transfer from iOS to Android

WhatsApp has launched several new features in the last few months. The instant messaging platform is reportedly working on a another feature, for which we all have been waiting for. As per a report coming from WABetaInfo, a blog that keeps track of upcoming WhatsApp features and developments, the platform is developing an official feature to help transfer chats from iPhone to Android phone. Also Read – WhatsApp will make archived chats stay where they belong, even if there’s a new message

Since the introduction of WhatsApp, this has been one of the biggest problems that users have faced. It is good to see that the messaging platform is finally working to resolve the issue with the upcoming feature. The latest report suggests that the instant messaging platform has been working on the chats transfer feature since April this year. The feature reportedly has been showing in WhatsApp’s software since a few months now. Also Read – WhatsApp tips: How to send message to an unknown number without saving it

WhatsApp chat transfer feature coming  soon

WABetaInfo has also shared a screenshot showing how the feature will work once released. The screenshots show that it will be called “Move chats to Android”. The option will be added separately to WhatsApp’s iOS app. Also Read – WhatsApp Status video download: How to secretly download someone’s status video

The Facebook owned messaging platform has not revealed any details about the iOS to Android chat transfer feature yet. Since the feature is under development, we can expect it to first release for iOS beta users and then followed by stable build. The timeline of the release is still unknown, so let’s wait for the platform to provide official details.

While the latest report shows chat transfer feature between iOS and Android, previous reports revealed vis-à-vis. Some past reports highlighted that WhatsApp will bring a Android to iOS chat transfer feature as well. No concrete details have been revealed by the Facebook owned instant messaging platform on these features yet.

Multi-device support coming soon

WhatsApp and Facebook head recently announced to release multi-device support for both Android and iOS users out there. The feature is being currently being tested with beta users and allows to login to any device without the need for the primary phone.

As the name suggests, this feature will let users use their WhatsApp account in more than one device at a time. This will mainly help users who are working from home and using WhatsApp on their mobile phone as well as laptop or tablet at the same time. Currently, the platform allows to use an account only on one mobile device and a laptop/PC/tablet at the same time.

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