Kids being sent into zoom detention: What is it? | BGR India

Kids being sent into zoom detention: What is it? | BGR India

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With educational institutes still in remote learning mode due to the Covid-19 pandemic, both teachers and students face new challenges at a number of stages. Many students are experiencing remote learning fatigue and are finding it difficult to remain focused in their classes. For such children who are not paying attention, teachers have now started punishing them with virtual detentions. Also Read – Don’t be like #Shweta: Here’s how to mute audio on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype

Uju Anya, a linguistics professor at Penn State University took to Twitter to voice out her concern as her child was sent to Zoom detention for not paying attention. She explained that her child received a mail with the link to the detention room, where the child supposed to discuss and reflect on why she was not paying attention in the class with a behaviour interventionist. Also Read – Apps that ruled the news in 2020: PUBG Mobile, WhatsApp, TikTok and more

In the tweet thread, Anya revealed that she was notified about her child’s inability to pay attention via emails and the child was also provided with multiple verbal warnings regarding the same. She said that the email addressing her stated that her daughter “gets distracted, plays computer games, ignores the teacher, or just signs off Zoom.” Also Read – Here’s a list of the top 5 free video conferencing apps of 2020

Anya does not blame the teacher for what has happened but states that “Zoom detention is ridiculous.” On the other hand, multiple people replying to her tweet state that the school is trying to help out her child by making her talk to a behaviour interventionist and trying to figure out a way to make her more focused.

This is not the only case of virtual detention we have seen in recent times. To date, there have been many cases of Zoom detention and online suspensions.

Below is Uju Anya’s tweet thread if you want to read:

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