Good news! Netflix now lets you watch partially downloaded movies and TV shows

Good news! Netflix now lets you watch partially downloaded movies and TV shows

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Netflix brings a new feature for Android users today and it is really helpful. The aim with this new Netflix feature is to improve the downloading experience on the app for Android phone and tablet users. Also Read – Best Netflix plan to watch June 2021 releases movies: Money Heist 5 and more

The new Netflix feature will allow users to watch or stream partially downloaded movies and web series even without internet connection or poor connection. The feature has been announced for Android users for the time being and will soon be available for iOS users as well. Also Read – Netflix could soon let you play games while watching your favourite movies/shows

“We always want to make it easier for members to access their favorite series or movies regardless of language, device, connectivity, or location. So partial downloading is now available on Android phones and tablets, and we’ll begin testing on iOS in the coming months,” Netflix states in an official blog post. Also Read – Netflix to soon launch N-Plus subscription for access ‘behind-the-scenes’ and more content

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Currently, Netflix lets users download content to their mobile and tablet devices for offline viewing. With this new feature coming in, the video streaming platform takes a step ahead. The partially downloading feature will help users in situations when a movie they wanted to watch on a flight or area with poor internet connectivity was not downloaded completely.

The feature will allow Netflix users to watch some of the content even though the device is not connected to stable WiFi network. Once the device gets access to a good network, the download will continue or users will have the option to cancel if the movie didn’t interest them.

There have been several instances when we put a movie/web series for download but due to connectivity issue the download could not be completed. The new Netflix feature will help users in such a scenario. Until now, users didn’t have the ability to watch movies offline until it’s completely download.

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