FITSY® Leg Resistance Loop Band

FITSY® Leg Resistance Loop Band

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Price: ₹ 599.00 - ₹ 349.00
(as of Nov 13,2020 20:30:57 UTC – Details)


A Loop Resistance Band increases the effectiveness of your exercises enormously. Exercises like jump squats and lunges will be more intense. Increases strength, power and flexiblity. There is nothing that can keep you back from reaching your fitness goals with FITSY resistance band.
Improve leg strength, leg explosive power , agility, running speed, flexibility, balance,and endurance. Run faster, increase sprint speed, increase endurance, fast acceleration, jump higher, explosive change of direction, advanced athletic performance, lose weight and burn more with every resisted body weight exercise.
Made up of natural latex and anti-sweat, high density foam handles provide a soft, comfortable grip. Perform various range of exercises- Use it as a squat resistance training band, thigh resistance band or as leg resistance band.
Package Contains 1 Leg Resistance Band.

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