Exclusive: Clubhouse payments coming to India to help creators monetize their content

Exclusive: Clubhouse payments coming to India to help creators monetize their content

Clubhouse is currently one of the most popular apps available on Android as well as iOS in India. While the audio-chat app is already popular among users, it plans to reach more and more people around the world and expand its community in the future. With this aim, the company plans to ditch the invite-only system by later this year. Also Read – Clubhouse app finally arrives on Google Play store: Here’s how Android users can download

If you use Clubhouse to connect with friends, folks at work and people with similar interests, you will know that it runs on the basis of an invite-only system. In simple words, one can join Clubhouse only if they have an invite. If not, there is no way you can join the platform. Also Read – Clubhouse Android app coming to India and other countries this week

Clubhouse to ditch invite-only system soon

In an interview with the media on Thursday, Clubhouse confirmed to BGR India its plans to reach more and more people and ditch the unique invite-only system and “open the platform for all”. This simply means, in the months to come, anyone and everyone will be able to join the platform and add to rooms of their interest. Also Read – Clubhouse on Android is now a reality except, there’s a limitation


Rohan Seth, co-founder, Clubhouse said, “we are still new to the space and trying out level best to grow slowly. Our aim in future is to welcome more people onboard and ditch the invite-only system. However, before we do that, we need to align the infrastructure and invest in it. The aim for the near future is to rollout to everyone.”

Seth said that the company plans to invest in the necessary infrastructure and work towards getting bigger and better. He highlighted that the invite-only system helped Clubhouse build a strong and loyal community in a short span.

Clubhouse Payments coming to India

The audio-only platform also confirmed to BGR India the release of its payments service in India soon. Clubhouse payments is currently available only in the United Status. Seth said that before the global release of payments feature, the company wants to ensure that the experience is smooth. Seth said that Clubhouse Payments will only reach a few markets outside the US and India is definitely one of them given how popular the audio-chat platform has become in the country. With payments coming in, Indian content creators will be able to soon monetize their content on Clubhouse.


More features coming soon…. compliance with new IT rules

Seth revealed that Clubhouse plans to bring better recommendations and discoveries to users. He said that Clubhouse is working on recommending rooms and also bring features that will allow users to connect better. “We are currently working on better discovery features in order to offer a smooth and seamless user experience to our community members,” Seth said. Clubhouse is also working on localisation features as well and bring in more language support to connect people across the world.

Some of the other features that the audio-chat app plans to bring to users include subscriptions, tipping, and ticketing. These features are will mainly help content creators on the platform to monetize their content.

Talking about the new IT rules and regulations, Seth said, “we are just an year old and Clubhouse is a small firm, staffing wise, and I don’t think the government of India has rolled out laws and rules at different stages at the moment. We aim to ensure our platform is in line with the country’s laws and regulations.”

Clubhouse was first released in iOS a few months ago. The app recently launched for Android users and received an overwhelming response. Statistics show, the audio-chat app managed to garner over two million users on Android since the release, which is splendid!

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