Clarkia Cotton Kitchen Muslin Set – [Pack of 3-2 Storage Bags and 1×1 Meter Muslin Cloth] – Unbleached

Clarkia Cotton Kitchen Muslin Set – [Pack of 3-2 Storage Bags and 1×1 Meter Muslin Cloth] – Unbleached

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Price: ₹ 349.00 - ₹ 348.00
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Clarkia Cotton muslin set is the handy kitchen muslin set that you will love for everyday use. Be it storing your vegetables in a bag or cloth. This is a complete set.

STORAGE BAGS – Breathable and washable drawstring cotton bags of size 10×12 inch. Good for vegetable storage in refrigerator, sprouting or storing any other kitchen item. Also it is breathable, meaning your fruits and vegetables will remain cool, crisp, and fresh for days after you put them in the refrigerator
BUTTER MUSLIN CLOTH – 1×1 meter or 1 Sq. meter cotton muslin cloth with no pre-cut, you can simply cut it according to how much you need to use. Use this for wrapping roti, bread, spices, fruits and leafy vegetables like spinach. Also, it comes handy for straining in preparing hung curd, paneer, cheese etc. Additionally, it serves a great kitchen dish towel as it is soft and absorbing.
PROPERTIES OF UNBLEACHED CLOTH – Unbleached cotton is unprocessed and unwashed, no bleaches, no dyes, no chemicals. AROMA – Cotton has a natural earthy odor that will dissipate over time. What you smell is is cotton seed oil in the fabric. It’s not toxic or harmful. BROWN FLECKS – If you look closely at Cotton cloth, you will see the tiny brown flecks within the fabric weave. These are natural leaf, stem and seed remnants of the cotton plant which is quite normal as it is unprocessed fabric.
MUST HAVE – The muslin set made of pure cotton will become your favourite kitchen accessory. It is a must have for every cooking enthusiast. Use the kitchen muslin cloth for Cheese cloth, Idli making, Oil filtering, wrapping, ghee filtering among other applications. The cotton muslin cloth bag will be handy for making hung curg, sprouting, storage. The uses are just limitless.

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