ADA Leadz Review: First ever ADA website , Auditing and lead generation app.

ADA Leadz Review: First ever ADA website , Auditing and lead generation app.

ADA leadz is the first ever ADA website, Auditing and Lead generation app which allow agencies, local markets and online marketers to generate lead and help business in their local area and (world wide) to solve a real and urgent problem.

ADA compliance now applies to all business websites and every website online is supposed to be complying with the website accessibility guidelines & ADA. If not, it leaves you open for massive lawsuit.

ADA leadz enable you to set-up your own agency that focuses on helping business  stay safe from lawsuits and acquire more customers.

It Perform a website audit for any website online and you can sell that audit report directly. The Audit will show everything a website is lacking in terms of compliance and you can then use this audit to convert prospects into clients.

ADA Leadz allow you to contact Leads directly . It is pre-loaded with done for you ADA Leadz Gen emails that you can send directly to the prospect and it also gives you stunning and customizable reports that you can use  as PDF or you can print them for your customer and prospects.

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How ADA Leadz works?
In this section of ADA Leadz review, I am going to show you how ADA Leadz generates laser – Targeted ADA Leadz, Creates stunning website accessibility audit and Monetize your leads.

But, Before you get started, you can always check out all the step-by step training videos 

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STEP #1 (RUN a full ADA  website compliance audit) :

Use ADA Leadz to quickly find prospects (website and pages that are not ADA complaints) in second based on your keyword or offer this service straight to a lead/ client that you have.

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Just click on Prospect finder”  and now you can do a search for leads. now enter your keyword or niche and enter the location( for this review i am searching dentist  in Delhi (India). Then click on “Search prospect”.

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